Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Attack on the Mule Train (Parte the First)

As mentioned in a prior entry the French are trying to transport their pay chests on mule back to the garrison , their plans are thwarted by the Allies who spring a ambush !.
The French Hussars and Light infantry deploy to counter the attack , Voltaire follows excitedly !
The French cavalry engage the Allied Jaegers in melee as the Prussian 'Black' hussars move forward they come under fire from the French light infantry on the hill .
Col. Scheither sends his Carbineers to attack the rear of the French column.
He then joins his gallant Jaegers who are losing the melee with the Hussars .
The 'Black' Hussars suffer heavy casualties from the serried ranks of French infantry.
The Allied Carbineers move around the hill to threaten the French rear !. Too be continued.......


  1. Excellent Jock comment! And what fine fellows one and all.

  2. Mosstrooper

    Great looking game!

  3. Looks great! Was this with Charge!?

  4. Splendid! Just the thing to get me finally finishing a few PA figures that are on my desk.

  5. Oh, poor Frenchs, a two-front melee always brings a lot of difficulties to coordinate! Can the french light infantery turn back and help?
    The mules are fantastic - I also have to do some for my troups!