Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Modeling Voltaire

In my Imagi-nations or semi Imagi-nations I like to have non military personalities making guest appearances ( ie Kipling in my 54mm FLWs or H.G.Wells in my 40mm Balkans wars) so I was at a loss for who to add to my 40mm SYW games , when reading a biography of Frederick the Great I came across Voltaire , who being quite a character seems to fit the bill.

I was sorting through some miss cast figures when I found a damaged artillery officer, (sword missing) I Googled 'Voltaire' to see what he looked like and found this rather quaint illustration. I then sat down with some 'green stuff' and started fiddling about altering the casting . I also decided to give him a servant using one of the gunner figures as suggested by Mark Dudley of http://ilkleyoldschool.blogspot.co.uk/ 

Here we see Hodge discussing the finer points of 'Candide' with the author who awaits painting.


  1. Original idea and excellently done!
    Looking eagerly forward to discover them in full colors!

  2. Nicely done, One might say that they "have corrupted nature for they were not born Voltaire but they have become Voltaire".

  3. You beat to then punch with the servant.

    Of course he will need a suitable uniform and perhaps he can become the first of a unit of servants.


    1. Sorry to pinch your idea , think he is 'wee jocky' a retired soldier from the Royal Ecossais Infantry regt.

  4. Nice one! Good to see something regarding the culture side of gaming ... Jeff

  5. Nice cat! Oh and lovely figures too.