Saturday 30 April 2011

Weekend Stops Play

Have not got around to finishing off the game I started last week ( Dawn Raid) , been shopping and finishing off the Patio we started last weekend . The trouble with home DIY I have found is that it takes about twice as much time as you thought , one and a half times much materials , one and a half times the cost and involves buying one tool which you don't have but  is crucial to finishing the project -  and will never use again ! . Later:- Have finally finished the Patio ! Huzzah ! - but now find I will have to rebuild the adjoining steps as these are starting to collapse . So will need MORE  sand and cement ! blast !.

Friday 29 April 2011

An unexpected award !

Many thanks to Bob Cordery for nominating me for the above award  link Seven things about myself
1. Been gaming for 42 years
2. I have the tip of my left little finger missing due to a childhood accident
3. We have 4 cats
4. We have 6 bantam hens (busy wrecking the back garden)
5. I  like Guinness
6. And chocolate
7. My favourite wargame rules are TSATF and Grant's 'The Wargame'
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All of the above have been of great insperation to me .

Thursday 28 April 2011

Dawn raid (1)

This Scenario is based on one in a issue of 'Classic Wargaming magazine ' . The Treborians have launched a seaborne raid to secure the captive British Envoy Sir Morris Oxford . A select force of the newly formed British Legione  and 2 dismounted Cavalry unit have come ashore and hope to attack the Schwartz Pool tower before the local forces can mobilise .
The town militia turned out, but were driven back by the superior Treborian forces.

Major Velkro rallies them in the village streets , but the Treborians push forward and enter the village

A unit of Hariboan lancers alerted by the fighting move towards the village and charge the British Legione

The Treborians also had 2 Agent Provocateurs hiding near the village , one approached the Ferraro Roccain gun position and laid a 'infernal device' to blow the gun up (he diced a 6 - it would take 6 moves to blow it up ) . He was surprised half way through laying the bomb by the FR  gun crew and fired at them with his pistol (needing a 6 to hit and firing 3 times )  , he threw three 6s - my wargaming colleague 'S'  tells me the odds are 1 in 216 ! , after this interruption he detonated the charge and blew the gun up ! .
The Treborian attack continues , but FR  reinforcements are on the way !.

Sunday 24 April 2011

The British Envoy found !

Acting on information gathered from captured Ferraro Roccain prisoners of war , the Treborian secret service has found the secret location where Sir Morris Oxford is being held .
The small seaside village of Schwartz Pool (trans. Blackpool) , he is being aloud a certain amount of freedom but he is always accompanied be picked Household Guards
Sir Morris takes the sea air
He is being held captive by the evil Major Velkro and every night he and his man servant Chivers are locked up in the grim tower that over shadows the village .
He is being imprisoned in the the Schwartz Pool Tower !!!!!

Thursday 21 April 2011

The British Legione

British Legione inspected by Archduke Albert
The Treborian High Command has decided to raise a Auxiliary force to help fight Ferraro Rocca . They have recruited a Legion of British ex servicemen . Unfortunately the quality of some of the recruits lack some of the more soldiery qualities , the Quartermasters department got a good deal on some ex British uniforms - sadly these are somewhat out of date (about 50 years) (no wonder they were cheap !). It remains to see how these brave chaps will fare against the enemy . The Archduke Albert was overheard to comment 'I hope they frighten the enemy - because they certainly  perturb me !' .


Due to technical difficulties I've been without a computer for the last day or two . This brought home to me how much it I rely on the Internet - sad but true !. Small things like viewing figures - once upon a time I had a folder full of figure catalogs , not any more - we simply click on a website to look at them - that if you have a Internet connection , felt like I had lost my right arm !. Wonder if there are wargamers out there without computers ? and how do they manage ? , would guess that as a percentage it must be  above the national average . This lack of a computer has deprived several manufactures of money , saved me money and encouraged me to paint and game more , so not all bad !.

Saturday 9 April 2011

Battle of the Pomemben Bridge (4)

Move 7
The Ferraro Roccain dismounted cavalry in the farmyard were charged by the Treborian infantry and routed in the resulting melee - but not before they had sniped the Treborian Staff Officer who lead the charge .
A near miss !

The FR gun fired its last 2 shots at the Treborian heavy gun and command group and although coming close ,failed to cause any damage . The Treborian  Reserve unit retreated over the bridge having taken further heavy casualties .The Ferraro Roccaian infantry reinforcements also received heavy losses from the opposing infantry and rather accurate artillery fire. 
Heavy casualties on both sides

Move 8
With half his army either fled or casualties King Paul II called an end to the engagement and with their troops still in a strong position , Treboria captured the bridge . The battle was originally going to take 10 moves but it was evident that the Frerro Roccain attack had faltered . The rules worked well , artillery caused heavy losses - when it hit ! . The Treborian secret service are working on several leads from information received from captured FR soldiers  as to the where abouts of the captured British Envoy Sir Morris Oxford .

End game!

Thursday 7 April 2011

Battle of the Pomemben Bridge (3)

Move 5
The Cavalry clash ended with the defeat and rout of the Haribo Lancers , the armoured car fired into the Treborian column crossing the bridge causing some casualties , but came under fire from the Dragoons in the wood . The Ferraro Rocca gun fired on the victorious Treborian Hussars , killing two . The Treborian artillery fired at the advancing FR  infantry and managed a hit - also killing the accompanying staff officer (my shooting was a lot more accurate this move)
A hard pounding !
The Treborian Heavy Artillery deployed and the infantry opened fire on the FR dismounted cavalry moving into the farm . (Please click on photos to enlarge)
Ferraro Rocca fights back
On move 6 the carnage continued , the Treborian Reserve unit deployed and took casualties from the armoured car and the flanking FR infantry .

Carnage !
It was not all one sided though - the FR infantry took hits from the Treborian heavy gun  and as the Ferraro Roccaian final unit moved onto the board it to took hits from the Treborian gun on the hill .
Move 6
The FR cavalry in the farmyard skirmished with the Treborian infantry and managed to kill their officer , they in turn suffered a casualty , but their skirmish order and cover protected them from most of the shots . The Ferraro Roccain infantry crossed the river to support them . As casualties mount the battle hangs in the balance !.
The Treborian CinC  surveys the damage done by his  gun

Monday 4 April 2011

Battle for the Pomemben Bridge (2)

Move 3    
More FR  infantry arrive , the gun switches target and misses the Treborian Hussars (match can be seen beside them - close but no casualties ) . The Treborian Heavy Artillery move up the road drawn by a steam tractor
Move 4
The FR gun limbers and moves to the hill for a better field of fire , the cavalry dismount and move into the farm yard . The Haribo Lancers arrive and confront the Treborian Hussars . The FR  Armoured Car  arrives on the road and moves towards the bridge . The Treborian  Reserve Regt moves over the bridge with the heavy artillery behind it , on the top right the gun deploys - shoots - and misses ! (something wrong with my aim this game !). The Dragoons dismount and move into the wood , behind them a infantry unit deploys

The Cavalry face off

Sunday 3 April 2011

Battle for the Pomemben Bridge (1)

Trying something different this time with my latest battle report , will take a photo each move to record what is happening on the table (hopefully a picture being worth a thousand words) . The armies of the two warring nations - Treboria and Ferraro Rocca are advancing to capture the important Pomemben Bridge , this is a scenario take from the Grant/Asquith  book 'Scenarios for all Ages' - The Important Bridge ! . The armies are about equal strengths and this is the first time ALL my painted figures have been used !

Move One
The armies start to move onto the table Ferraro Roccains nearest the camera , King Paul II commanding on the hill on the right . The Treborians move on the road to the left and the cavalry on the far edge of the table, (forces and entry locations where decided by dice rolls . A further FR force will appear on the road at the right of the table but has been delayed 4 moves). Archduke Albert of Treboria is commanding and situated on a hill on the left .

move two
More troops enter the game , Treborian cavalry move to secure the bridge and their infantry deploy to respond to the flank threat of the FR cavalry . The gun deploys - fires !- and misses ! (the matchbox holds the guns ammo - how appropriate )

Saturday 2 April 2011

British Envoy captured (2)

While S's cavalry were sweeping around to the rear the lead Treborian infantry were in trouble , taking heavy casualties from rifle fire , S finally landed a shell (matchstick) directly in the centre of the unit, taking 6 figures out at once ! . they fell back but were rallied by the force CinC . S's infantry also fell back and also were rallied . The Cavalry now attacked the rear Treborian infantry and caught them trying to maneuver into a firing position and in the following melee the infantry lost half their figures ! , this combined with the rifle fire of a newly arrived Ferraro Roccaian infantry unit caused them to rout . Oh dear ! things are looking grim for the convoy . The arrival of the Treborian reinforcements looked like it might save the situation , but this was countered by the arrival of the Black Hand unit . The Treborian artillery unlimbered and started shelling the Black Hand , a lucky shot rebounding off S's tea mug and landed in the centre of them , S's protested this , but the rules used say were a matchstick finaly lands is were the damage is done! . Don't leave detritus on the table!.The Treborian Hussars charged the FR artillery and although taking casualties they overran the gun
However this was to late for the British Envoy , with his Infantry escort in retreat he was captured by  the Ferraro Roccaian infantry
What will the dastardly Ferraro Roccaians do with him ? . We await the next chapter with baited breath !.