Saturday, 9 April 2011

Battle of the Pomemben Bridge (4)

Move 7
The Ferraro Roccain dismounted cavalry in the farmyard were charged by the Treborian infantry and routed in the resulting melee - but not before they had sniped the Treborian Staff Officer who lead the charge .
A near miss !

The FR gun fired its last 2 shots at the Treborian heavy gun and command group and although coming close ,failed to cause any damage . The Treborian  Reserve unit retreated over the bridge having taken further heavy casualties .The Ferraro Roccaian infantry reinforcements also received heavy losses from the opposing infantry and rather accurate artillery fire. 
Heavy casualties on both sides

Move 8
With half his army either fled or casualties King Paul II called an end to the engagement and with their troops still in a strong position , Treboria captured the bridge . The battle was originally going to take 10 moves but it was evident that the Frerro Roccain attack had faltered . The rules worked well , artillery caused heavy losses - when it hit ! . The Treborian secret service are working on several leads from information received from captured FR soldiers  as to the where abouts of the captured British Envoy Sir Morris Oxford .

End game!


  1. A very enjoyable battle report.

    I am so tempted to buy some 42mm figures as a result of reading your blog!

    All the best,


  2. Many thanks for your kind remarks , I must admit have enjoyed painting them up and the rules are simple enough to game solo without getting bogged down .

  3. Another exciting episode! And your gunnery seems to be getting better.

  4. Strangly it seems the long shots are the easier ones to make .