Wednesday 28 November 2012

Attack on the Mule Train (Parte the First)

As mentioned in a prior entry the French are trying to transport their pay chests on mule back to the garrison , their plans are thwarted by the Allies who spring a ambush !.
The French Hussars and Light infantry deploy to counter the attack , Voltaire follows excitedly !
The French cavalry engage the Allied Jaegers in melee as the Prussian 'Black' hussars move forward they come under fire from the French light infantry on the hill .
Col. Scheither sends his Carbineers to attack the rear of the French column.
He then joins his gallant Jaegers who are losing the melee with the Hussars .
The 'Black' Hussars suffer heavy casualties from the serried ranks of French infantry.
The Allied Carbineers move around the hill to threaten the French rear !. Too be continued.......

Tuesday 27 November 2012

Another Artillery Limber And Team

Having cast up and painted a limber and team for the French several weeks ago I thought it was time the Allies got one as well.
This gun is manned by Scheither's Frei Korps and there seems to be no information on the gun and limber carriage colour - so I decided to paint them a dark red.
To get the wheels to cast right I have had to do extensive work on the mold, drilling air holes were the spokes are as these frequently miscast.

Monday 26 November 2012

An Award !

I have been kindly nominated for the Liebster Blog Award by Ross of  I now have to list 5 blogs that inspire me and that I visit often , as I have about 60 + blogs that I visit regularly this will not be easy .
1. The Kingdom of Wittenberg - this blog probably inspired me to start my blog .
2. Always makes me smile , a wonderful mixture of articles.
3. Shiny Toy Soldiers !
4. Old School ww2 !
5. This blog inspired me to start casting my 40mm SYW  There are a lot more I could mention ! and it has been rather hard choosing my 5

Sunday 25 November 2012

Normal Service Is Resumed - Or Back To O.S. SYW.

After my deviation into killing Zombies (damned hard as well it was, played 6 games and did not win one !) I am returning to a 40mm SYW  game , the French column is moving a mule train carrying the pay chest for the local garrison . It is protected by 3 Companies of the Regiment Du Roi , a Company of the Chasseurs De Sombreuil and the Hussars Bercheny. They have to reach the village in the top left hand corner of the above photo . The Allies have dispatched a raiding force of cavalry and light infantry to capture the mule train.
The precious bullion on mule back carefully guarded .
 Voltaire and his faithful manservant 'Wee Jocky' are accompanying the column . Here he is lecturing his servant on the correct method of moving through enemy country.
However the Prussian 'Black' Hussars have other ideas !. Too be continued ......

Wednesday 21 November 2012

A Trip To The Dark Side !

Went to the Warfare show in Reading this last weekend , unfortunately on the Saturday I left my camera back at the hotel and on the Sunday I found the battery was flat ! - so no photos of show I'm afraid . My major purchase was a boxed game ZOMBICIDE  ! ( after all my OS  posts of late this feels like coming out of the Wargaming closet !). This is a early Christmas present to myself . I had read great reviews about this game , so it was a must buy when I saw it.
It comes with 71 plastic figures , 9 double sided Game tiles and lots of Equipment and Zombie cards.
A game in progress . A very clever and simple rule system makes the game very playable and challenging ! , best of all it can be played solo as the zombies are pre programed . There are 10 scenarios which are not simply a question of slaughtering zombies. It's VERY addictive !
Survivor Ned is confronted by 3 zombies attracted by the 'noise' counter he created - Oh Dear !

Wednesday 14 November 2012

Test Run For OS Table .

Having got the table painted up I thought I would try it out with a 40mm SYW 'Charge' game.
The French Regiment Du Roi advances encouraged by its Major.
The French gun deploys to support the Light infantry fight off the Allied Jaegers.
The French cavalry reform to counter the Allied cavalry's flank attack.
The British 20th Regiment of Foote march for the exposed French flank covered by the hills . The figure bases don't quite match the table but are close enough for now. Just for the record I counted up how many figures I have cast up so far ( I know this is a bit sad !) and came up with a total of 132 foot and 54 mounted plus 2 guns and limbers.

Sunday 11 November 2012

French SYW Heavy Cavalry.

Decided it was time to tackle some more cavalry for the French.

The vast majority of French cavalry wore grey coats so I decided on something different, the regiment Nassau-Sarrebruck a German unit in French service.
This is the first of two Squadrons that I will be casting up.
They are rushing to join battle with their varnish still a bit tacky !

Tuesday 6 November 2012

The Print Above My Table

In the comments of my last post Ross Mac enquired about the print that hangs on the wall above my wargaming table .
Not very good photos I'm afraid , its a old print I bought about 30 odd years ago from a local 'junk' shop .
It is I think by Caton Woodville (?) and I think came from a magazine as it has staple marks in the centre - it was not framed when I bought it . The title is about the defeat of the Prussian Guards at Ypres in 1914 . Must admit it's one of my favorite pictures on my wargaming rooms walls.

Monday 5 November 2012

Operation 'Old School' (Part Two)

Three coats of paint later the board is finished ! . See the miniature 'Old School' landscape above. (note to self the back wall needs touching up as I have managed to get green paint on it )
Travelling through it is a Squadron of newly painted Prussian Hussar Regt. No. 5 Von Reusch's 'Black Hussars'- probably up to no good !.
The basic trooper is a very old Prince August mold - a bit rough but lots of character. I think the board looks okay and am look forward to using it in a 'OS' role. It reminds me of the first wargaming table I had 40+ years ago which had to be painted using some dark green blackboard paint (?), in those days I used to paint roads straight onto the board and paint over it when I wanted a new set up. I am going to get 'S' of S&A  Scenics ( to cut me a few more small hills to be used as upper contours .  The dilemma is now which 'OS' game to play first ?.