Wednesday, 21 November 2012

A Trip To The Dark Side !

Went to the Warfare show in Reading this last weekend , unfortunately on the Saturday I left my camera back at the hotel and on the Sunday I found the battery was flat ! - so no photos of show I'm afraid . My major purchase was a boxed game ZOMBICIDE  ! ( after all my OS  posts of late this feels like coming out of the Wargaming closet !). This is a early Christmas present to myself . I had read great reviews about this game , so it was a must buy when I saw it.
It comes with 71 plastic figures , 9 double sided Game tiles and lots of Equipment and Zombie cards.
A game in progress . A very clever and simple rule system makes the game very playable and challenging ! , best of all it can be played solo as the zombies are pre programed . There are 10 scenarios which are not simply a question of slaughtering zombies. It's VERY addictive !
Survivor Ned is confronted by 3 zombies attracted by the 'noise' counter he created - Oh Dear !


  1. Noooooo! Say it's not true! Old Soldier School forever!!

    1. True sad to say - normal service will be resumed

  2. The real question is, what would HG Wells have done if Britain's had released a Martian Tripod with springloaded death ray?


  3. I've been slowly picking up the various unit's of Zombies, and was getting annoyed at the bags of 50 of one pose or whatever, this looks like it could produce a nice crossover/marriage either way? What size/material...Zombies are about 28mm, soft vinyl?

    Ross - Minot did you know, a quite famous boxed-diorama set with a large Tripod, several small tripodlettes and French Foreign Legion, dying civilians, dogs, ducks, a pond etc...


  4. I must be dreaming ... zombie soldering on ????