Wednesday 23 April 2014

The 18th Regiment Of Foote . (Royal Irish)

Well I've finally got them finished ! - there was a slight hold up due to my gas bottle running out and needing replacing . Sorry for the rather poor lighting in these photos , I had to photograph them on my table during the daytime with the sun streaming through the window - which does strange things to the colours !.

They have 3 companies each of 12 Sentinels , Sergeant, Drummer and Officer and a headquarters of a Lt. Col. , Major and 2 Ensigns . A total of  48 foot figures and 1 mounted .

I decided to use the older flatter Holger Erikson figure for the infantry as I have 3 of these moulds which speeds up casting .

The Drummers should have mitre caps really , but I thought this was a conversion too far !.

I've been using the old one piece casting for the standards , these took several attempts to get right ! (and quite a bit of bad language) . The next thing will be casting up some French infantry to match the figures I was given .

Saint Georges Day !.

Does one wish people a 'Merry Saint Georges Day ? , I always find it a bit annoying that the rest of the U.K. make a bit thing of their saints days and the English quietly forget their own , so a 'Happy Saint Georges Day' to you all !. 

Sunday 13 April 2014

Sunday Morning Varnishing.

I usually try to varnish figures on a Sunday morning whilst there is nobody else about - especially animals ! . I've had several disasters with cat fur attached to figures and the 'incident of the dog and the varnished SYW figures' is best forgotten or 'glossed' over ! . So while my wife took the dog for a walk and the cats were sleeping upstairs I've got the latest batch of 40mm SYWish figures done , these are the final company for the British 18th Foote and there's only the command and standard bearers to do now to complete them. 

Sunday 6 April 2014

Fatter Generals .

There is not that much 40mm SYWish stuff about out there and when I saw Front Rank had done some 40mm generals for their AWI  range I was intrigued enough to purchase a couple . They are rather expensive but very nice , above is one of their Hessian Generals who will represent a rather more rotund General Comte D' Fru-Fru. 

This figure is General Howe and unlike the other figures doesn't come with a selection of alternate heads , he is to portray General Carlsburg of the Allied forces . 

This is all well and good but how do theses VERY chunky figures match up with their slender Prince August brethren ? - not to badly I think, I have not yet based them but when done they will look okay . Strange when I look at the above photo I think for all the accuracy and detail of the Front Rank ones the Prince August have a bit more character !?. 

Tuesday 1 April 2014

Wargaming Roots (Part2)

The next shot from the Prussian gun killed the Austrian Hussar's Commander ! , not a good day to be a senior officer in the Austrian army!.

The Austrian CinC spurs forward to assess the situation .

The Austrians draw a 'chance card' and their cavalry have to charge the nearest target - which is the Prussian guns !.

They move forward gallantly enough - but falling under the 'cannister cone' they are halted before they reach their target !.

The Prussians take the opportunity to remove their artillery battery .

The Hungarian Regt. Esterhazy move up through the woods .

With the moves passing rapidly the Prussian guns make off over the bridge.

The Hungarian Regt. Heller advance and open fire on the Prussian lead regiment.

The Prussians take heavy casualties and are forced back .

The Pandours move around the Prussian flank .

But the Prussians have held out for 12 moves as the scenario specified and so win . Think I should have taken into account how slowly troops move under Grant's rules and so made it harder for them by making the game longer or started the Austrians closer and maybe deployed . A fun game though and the rules are simple and  easily remembered , what more could you want !.