Saturday 23 February 2013

French Cavalry Regt. Nassau Sarrebruck .

Got the second squadron of the French Nassau Sarrebruck finished in a mammoth painting session , I also painted the command figures as well . 
A lot of casting time and lead in this unit !
The Regimental Standard and Kettle drummer .
I think the Kettle drummer is soooo cute , must be in my Top Ten Wargaming Figure chart. Must start on a Allied cavalry unit to balance things up next.

Sunday 17 February 2013

Patio Wars - Reconnaisannce .

Encouraged by the Spring like weather General in Command of 'Red Army' R.Crawley ('Creepy' to his men !) rides out with a small escort of Hussars to reconnoitre the ground for the big push which he has been planning over winter.
They pause to view the land in the cover of Spring foliage .
But suddenly they spot the enemy ! - Uhlans ! and the enemy spots them !
As the lancers form line - the General decides discretion is the better part of valour and retires. I have not done any work on my 54mm Funny Little Wars figures for quite a while but like General Crawley perhaps the better weather will inspire me into casting up more reinforcements ready for the Spring campaign.
Meanwhile in Nova Scotia a similar patrol sets out but in slightly different weather ! - Photo care of Ross Macfarlane -

Tuesday 12 February 2013

Another Side of my Hobby.

I have always been interested in the classic 'Toy Soldier' scene (54mm scale figures) and for years I did nothing about it other than subscribing to 'Toy Soldier Collecter' magazine . A couple of years ago I read an article about starting a collection and they recommended you concentrated on a particular period and type of figure . I decided I would collect World War One pilot figures - a narrow niche but surprisingly fruitful !. Above one of my favourite sets - German pilots and mechanic (I think the central figure is Richthofen)
Another set - a British pilot and ground crew. I mainly purchase off EBay and TRY not to spend to much !. Think my interest of this period was generated by the 'Biggles' books
They come in all sizes ! . The centre figure is a 54mm figure, the one on the right a pre-war Skybirds pilot repainted by me and the left a large hollow cast figure from America . Initialy I was going to stick to just the 54mm figures but now I collect any figure that portrays a pre WW2 airforce figures.

Wednesday 6 February 2013

Command Figures for Regiment Castellas .

Having got 2 of the required 3 companies of the French Regt. Castellas done , I thought it was time I painted up some command for them.
Hmm ! I could have picked easier flags to paint !
On the casting front the foundry is moving into the 21st century , my wife has been heard muttering darkly about how she hopes the camping gas stove will be cleaned up and ready for our Spring camping trip . Oh dear ! - I had better start renovating it NOW ! . This combined with the problems I have been having with it in the cold weather spurred me on to purchase a electric hotplate cheap off  EBay . In initial tests it seems to perform well , so marital bliss is restored !.