Saturday, 23 February 2013

French Cavalry Regt. Nassau Sarrebruck .

Got the second squadron of the French Nassau Sarrebruck finished in a mammoth painting session , I also painted the command figures as well . 
A lot of casting time and lead in this unit !
The Regimental Standard and Kettle drummer .
I think the Kettle drummer is soooo cute , must be in my Top Ten Wargaming Figure chart. Must start on a Allied cavalry unit to balance things up next.


  1. The kettle drummer is a very fine piece. A impressive collection of horsemen.

  2. Splendid chaps. The drummer does add tone doesn't he? Especially one like yours on a magnificent dapple.

  3. The drummers horse took two attempts to get it right !.

  4. This is a really beautiful regiment, very fine chosen: the special blue tone is not easy to mix but you did perfectly! I like them the most in their marching formation on picture 2!
    Very curious which regiment will be next..

  5. Nice unit, love the kettle drummer

    -- Allan

  6. I agree with Stokie Steve and Ross Mac: Beautiful and splendid. Rich colours, too, just as a wargames horse and musket unit should be... :-)