Thursday 27 June 2013

40mm Imaginations 'Funny Little Wars' Playsheet.

Seeing that I have started to play the 'Funny Little Wars' rules again with the Treborian/Ferraro Roccaian  Imaginations , I thought I should get down on paper some of the amendments I have made to them to use on the tabletop . Originally these rules were designed to be played in the garden. There is nothing original in the alterations - I have added random movement and shortened the ranges for rifles , the rest is as the originals and for some reason my scanner has cut off the top of the page ?! (click on photo to enlarge) These excellent rules are available at

Wednesday 26 June 2013

Ferraro Roccaian Naval Contingent.

Wargamers can be a bit like squirrels who hid nuts but can  only every find half of them again when they are hungry . I came across these figures and Gatling gun in the bottom of a box , They are Irregular 42mm and for the life in me I cannot remember buying them !?. So feeling guilty and somewhat worried about the onset of forgetful old age I painted them up and they are now part of a Ferraro Roccaian Naval Landing Party.

Friday 21 June 2013

Saxon Leibgrenadiergarde

When I saw this illustration I just knew which unit I was going to cast up next - red coats , yellow facings and everybody gets to wear mitre caps !
I have got the first of three companies done using some moulds that never seem to get used much. The are all Prussian ones from the later Prince August range.
They are a much rounder casting than usual from P.A.  (except the drummer for some reason !?)
I have decided to use these more dramatically posed figures for the command to make a change.

Saturday 15 June 2013

Trooping the Colour.

I noticed it was the 'Trooping of the Colours' on TV today so I thought it appropriate to post this . In an effort to boost morale in 'Army Red' the CinC has decided that regiments will now field their Colours  .
Here they pass on parade in front of the CinC and a group of officers and distinguished visitors .
The Borsetshire Regiment troop their Colour , The Great Patio War was the last time that 'Army Red' had Regimental Colours in action - although many authorities dispute this* ! (I hope to add flags to the other units and also 'Army Black' when I get around to it )
(* Dobson - 'The evidence against the use of Unit Flags in Late War' -Oxford 1899)

Thursday 13 June 2013

More Civilians.

Have got some more of the 40mm Sash & Sabre civilian figures done , had problems with the Internet hence the delay in posting . Above a farmer and family , these figures are very 'chunky' , must be a prosperous farmer !.
The Landlord of the Inn , wife and servant.
'Mother Ross' sutleress and pack mule full of goodies . The coat was added using 'green stuff'.
Barry Lyndon (or at least my interpretation of him) , I must admit I'm not that impressed with these figures very 'heavy' and being from the AWI  range there are no 'Upper Crust' figures - but beggars must not be choosers as there are not that many civilians in this scale out there.

Sunday 9 June 2013

An Indulgence .

Have add a link to a new blog I have set up to record my retirement . Nothing to do with wargaming but it records my day to day doings out and about with explorations by bicycle and on foot in my local area. There will be lots of pretty pictures (well hopefully), some flora and fauna and observations on local archaeology and landscapes . My constant battle with Horticulture will also be commented on (without strong language hopefully) and maybe comments on what I'm reading at the moment or even excursions to the cinema !. All blogging is an indulgence and this one even more so ! . Apologies before I start , pop across sometime and have a peek !.

Thursday 6 June 2013

Mrs Miggins

Mrs Miggins is going for a stroll and meets Captain Shandy and his batman Corporal Trim .
Captain Shandy is a keen student of the feminine form !.
On the French side of the lines she meets Voltaire and his manservant 'Wee Jockie' !.
Voltaire too admires the female form ! . How can this woman cross the lines at will ? , is she a spy and if so for who !?. Mrs Miggins (apart from being a character from 'Blackadder') is the first of the 40mm Sash & Sabre FIW  civilians I've painted. (Thank the Lord for Google Translate ! - myself I can barely get by ordering chips and eggs and a beer !)

Tuesday 4 June 2013

Fre Husaren Von Schill.

It has taken me longer than I thought to finish off these Hussars , the problem being the yellow paint for their coats . My old pot of Games Workshop yellow having gone solid I purchased a Vallejo paint to replace it , but it would not cover the black undercoat I was using - probably something technical to do with pigments - so I had to brave our local Games Workshop to get another 'Sunburst yellow' or whatever they call it now.
I'm pleased with the results now and this is the first unit of the Saxon contingent to help the French - the Frei Husaren Von Schill. I am planning to do a infantry unit as soon as I get some figures cast up.
I did a conversion job on one of the figures to convert him into a trumpeter . I carefully cut away his pistol and glued a Irregular 42mm Figures trumpet into his hand and added modelling putty to cover up any scars . There does not seem to be any details on the musicians for this regiment so I gave him different coloured fur on his Pelisse and lacing on his sleeves.

Saturday 1 June 2013

Retire !!!!

No I have not rolled a '1' on my moral test and am forced to retire - after 43 years in the same job I have been offered and have decided to take Voluntary Redundancy ! . After years of working outside in all weathers doing a manual job and suffering the aches and pains it brings I must admit I jumped at the chance . I started in 1970 for Westmorland County Council Highways Department at 16 years old and now Cumbria County Council (as it is now) are cutting back on Highway Maintenance personal I thought it time to get out , in the near future I am going to be a 'House Husband' and see how it goes . This will give me more time to wargame but not as much money to spend on it which is not a bad thing I believe . This will mean my wife can get a dog - she already has her eyes set on a Spaniel puppy - so dog walking is on the cards as well !. I have been looking through my 'Lead Mountain' and with so many unfinished projects I have enough to be going on with for quite a while I believe . Oh and there's the jungle I call the garden to sort out as well !.