Saturday, 1 June 2013

Retire !!!!

No I have not rolled a '1' on my moral test and am forced to retire - after 43 years in the same job I have been offered and have decided to take Voluntary Redundancy ! . After years of working outside in all weathers doing a manual job and suffering the aches and pains it brings I must admit I jumped at the chance . I started in 1970 for Westmorland County Council Highways Department at 16 years old and now Cumbria County Council (as it is now) are cutting back on Highway Maintenance personal I thought it time to get out , in the near future I am going to be a 'House Husband' and see how it goes . This will give me more time to wargame but not as much money to spend on it which is not a bad thing I believe . This will mean my wife can get a dog - she already has her eyes set on a Spaniel puppy - so dog walking is on the cards as well !. I have been looking through my 'Lead Mountain' and with so many unfinished projects I have enough to be going on with for quite a while I believe . Oh and there's the jungle I call the garden to sort out as well !.


  1. Sounds familiar - I was 'retired' two years ago.

    Still seem to be working as hard as before though...


  2. Congratulations (since it is your choice and not an unwelcome forced retirement).

    If you happen to have any "large" figures (54mm perhaps) then that jungle you call a garden might well be turned into wargaming terrain with "garden wars".

    But in any event, I hope that you enjoy your retirement, your gaming activities and the new dog.

    -- Jeff

    1. Excellent idea about the 54mm figures - must cast some more up !

  3. Congratulations! I voluntarily opted for what I call pre-mature retirement. I occasionally miss the people and the money but I still feel it was the right decision for me. When it comes to goofing off on company time, well my wife runs her business out of the house and if I'm goofing off while she grooms dogs there is just a whiff of it.

    I'm another who doesn't seem to have as much time for things as before though.


  4. Pre-mature retirement - like it ! may use that to describe my status to people !

  5. Seems polite to comment here as well as on Steadfast Tin Soldier, so enjoy the retirement. I have a plan to reduce hours in a few years and freelance (sounds a bit upmarket for a gardener) leaving more time for painting, but if that works or happens we shall see...

  6. Congratulations on your retirement

    -- Allan