Saturday 25 February 2012

Transporting The El-Gin Marbles (2)

The positions of the Fetaland opposing forces where diced for randomly and it seems by their dispositions that the Treborians had stolen a march on them , with only 1 Black Hand unit available to stop the convoy .

The Black Hand group dash for the village to hold up the convoy .

The convoy and escort move towards the village . The rules and the 'Chance' deck being used .

Major Kafka and Commandant Barbara plan the attack !

The Fetaland 'Green' Hussars and the Garibaldi Volunteers move up to the attack.

The Black Hand reach the safety of the village and force the Treborian Hussars of Excellence to deploy.

In the nearby ruined tower a Black Hand 'Anarcist' lurks with a 'Infernal' device !.

He dashes forward to hurl the 'Infernal' device at the Mounted Constabularies 'Z' carriage - BUT  it fails to explode !.

He is cut down by a volley of pistol and carbines !

The Treborian Hussars move around to confront the Fetaland forces .

But unbeknown to the Treborians Commandant Barbara and her unit are sneaking up on the convoy . (click on photos to enlarge)Too be continued !.......

Saturday 18 February 2012

Transporting the El-Gin Marbles (1)

As some of you may remember H.G. Wells , his travelling companion Polly and H.G.s American cousin Orsen are trying to get the El-Gin Marbles safely out of Treboria back to Britain ( they being a gift from the Treborian government . (

The party prepare to mount the Steam Carriage , the party has been delayed by snow in the mountains (it being to cold to play game in my unheated wargaming room ) .

The party pass through pleasant pastoral scenery , the local peasants look on in amazement at the Steam Carriages . The party is escorted by Inspector Zapp and his 'Z Carriage'  and two detachments of cavalry.

However they are being watched by unfriendly eyes !.

The convoy moves through the valley little expecting what is about to happen !. (click on photo to enlarge) Too be continued.........

Tuesday 14 February 2012

One Year Old .

Just realised that it is a year ago since I started blogging (well slightly over - 2nd February) . I have made 126 posts , which is far more than I expected to make and covered a rather motley array of subjects . I  have been encouraged by the kind comments of my fellow bloggers and found inspiration in their blogs as well , I look forward to the next year of blogging - I don't think I've ever been without anything to write and have several subjects on the go at the moment , I finish with a photo of some varied figures that sit on the computer desk watching me compose .

Sunday 12 February 2012

Pulp Figures.

Some Pulp Miniatures that I  have just finished painting , if I ever find the right rules I would like to do this type of gaming - Pulp that is -NOT  Sado masochism ! (click on photo if you feel the need to enlarge !)

Saturday 11 February 2012

New Recruits.

I don't know about anybody else but I  still get a thrill watching the postman delivering mail when I  am awaiting a package - will he have something for me ?! - or will he walk by - or worse get my expectation up and only deliver junk mail or even worse a bill !!! . This morning however he delivered a parcel I had been awaiting off EBay , the above hollowcast Britains (?) 54mm cavalry figures. Slightly damaged but repairable I think and quite cheap too . I may repaint them as 'The Blues and Royals'  . ( note to self have just notice the evidence of green paint on the windowsile in this photo - caused by placing still wet based figures on said windowsile - MUST  remove paint before my better half notices it ! - she has commented on the smearing of wargaming paint on household furniture before !)

Saturday 4 February 2012

This Week I Have Been Mainly Painting.......

Rohan Hero Erkenbrand mounted and dismounted (and slightly out of focus !)

Gondorian Hero Cirion

Dwarf  Lord

Hobbit Farmer Maggot and dogs

Hobbit Hero's -'Fatty' Bolger, Paladin Took and Lobelia Sackville-Baggins.
These figures have been a joy to paint ! , they must be some of the best figures that the Perrys (?) have designed . They where purchased several years ago when thing were a LOT cheaper ! and they are METAL  not the resin that they are made out of now . Have heard good and bad about new castings but not bought any yet . Think it might be a advantage for  the larger  monster figures which where always a pain to glue together but I'm old fashioned enough to prefer metal . GW  have brought out a new batch of figures this weekend - VERY  expensive and not as good as the older ones in my opinion.

Sauron - I painted him several years ago and have just been tarting his base up - a brilliant model !.