Saturday, 11 February 2012

New Recruits.

I don't know about anybody else but I  still get a thrill watching the postman delivering mail when I  am awaiting a package - will he have something for me ?! - or will he walk by - or worse get my expectation up and only deliver junk mail or even worse a bill !!! . This morning however he delivered a parcel I had been awaiting off EBay , the above hollowcast Britains (?) 54mm cavalry figures. Slightly damaged but repairable I think and quite cheap too . I may repaint them as 'The Blues and Royals'  . ( note to self have just notice the evidence of green paint on the windowsile in this photo - caused by placing still wet based figures on said windowsile - MUST  remove paint before my better half notices it ! - she has commented on the smearing of wargaming paint on household furniture before !)


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  2. I tend to get most of my figures delivered to work, to avoid questions being asked in the house! But yes... it is exciting to get new figures (perhaps I should get out more). Can you let me know what brand of yacht varnish you use to get that really shiny finish? I have tried one pot which left a bit to be desired.
    best regards

  3. Picked up my latest tin of yacht varnish at Boyes (U.K. chain store) it's Johnstones Yacht Varnish - Clear - Gloss Finish . I tend only to buy the small 250ml tins as the constant opening /reopening causes it to skin over .

  4. The pleasure in a parcel being delivered never gets old.