Thursday 30 May 2013

The Battle of Pohranicnej Dediny ( The Finale )

The sixth move started with a chance card being drawn - which meant that most of the Ferraro Roccaian army did not move as rumours of a Palace Coup spread through the army.
On the F.R. right the combat continues with both sides suffering casualties .
The Treborian Dragoons mount to sweep the enemy infantry away - but a couple of shells hit them and they have to retreat.
The next move a chance card is drawn for the Treborians - the Hussars of Excellence get carried away and mount and try to charge the F.R. infantry.
However they are counter charged by the Hariboan Lancers and lose the melee disastrously ! , however the Lancers take casualties as well and retire off the table.
The stricken battery ! the Treborian Artillery gallantly fighting to the last.
However they succeed in driving the enemy off !.
By the last move (8) the Teborian  Reservists are driven out of the woods , but the F.R. artillery has run out of ammo and with casualties running high on both sides a draw was declared and the two enemies withdrew . A very bloody battle with the cavalry on both sides particularly suffering ! . A good game and it was nice to get the figures back onto the table again.

Sunday 26 May 2013

The Battle of Pohranicnej Dediny.

The reporting of this battle between Treboria and Ferraro Rocca has been delayed because of my weeks holiday. Unfortunately I managed to delete the photos of the opening moves and must take up the story about move 4 . Above the effects of close range artillery fire on the advancing Ferraro Roccaian infantry .(am trying out cotton buds as ammo,  matchsticks fly all over the place if you do not have a cloth on the table top).
On the Treborian right flank the Hussars of Excellence dismount and give supporting fire to the infantry.
T he F.R. cavalry come under fire and the Haribo Lancers take hits .
The Ferraro Roccaian Reservists appear on the armies left flank.
The Treborian militia contest the woods around the ruined Temple of Diana , the battle hangs in the balance - Too be continued ..... 

Sunday 19 May 2013

Old Friends Revisited.

One of the advantages of having a blog is that you can use it as a sort of gaming diary , the other day I was flicking through my blogs and realised that it is over a year ago since I had a game using my 40mm Imagination figures using my adaption of Funny Little Wars rules. This got me thinking and I have decided to bring them out for a game.

After the break down of peace talks in Paris the conflicting nations of Treboria and Ferraro Rocca  are at war again and clash at the small border village of Pohranicnej Dediny . The Treborians are on the near side to the camera and the Roccains on the far side . I dice for unit starting positions  using the 'Featherstone' method (1-far left flank 2- left centre 3-centre 4- right centre 5- right flank 6 - reserve)
The 1st Battalion of the 20th regt. and the Hussars of Excellence on the Treborain right flank.
The Treborian High Command seek to espy the enemy .
The Ferraro Roccain army dice very oddly and mostly appeared on their right flank !.
King Paul II commands the Ferraro Rocca army in person ! . Off for a few day holiday but will continue with the battle report when I return.

Thursday 16 May 2013

Legion Britannique.

Been puzzling what to do with the some of the molds I have accumulated over the last year or so . Many where bought off EBay in various lots and I have not got around to using some of them , because of the poses of many the figures . I have been toying with the idea of doing some 40mm skirmishes and these more 'individual' figures will be ideal for it .
I searched about for a suitably colourful unit to paint  and came up with the 3rd Battalion Legion Britannique  a Hanoverian regiment made up of deserters and foreigners .
I have got about 30 of them done now so after my holiday - which I hope will take place next week I should be ready for a game.

Sunday 12 May 2013

Saxon Hussars

Several months ago I purchased off EBay some ready cast 40mm Hussars and since then have been pondering which unit to repaint them up as .

I have been thinking of doing a Saxon contingent for French and looking on
I was annoyed to find that the Saxon's did not have any Hussars at this time ! , some what miffed I investigated further and was elated to find that the Saxon Corp that was attached to the French had a Frei Hussar regiment -
Brilliant ! could have been designed for the wargaming table ! Frei Husaren Von Schill
What's more the figures have the Pelisse slung over the shoulder so I get to paint the yellow Dolman as well ! - how often do you get to use yellow paint on wargaming figures !. All I  have to do now is base , spray and start painting - can't wait !

Monday 6 May 2013

French Mortar

I'm not a happy bunny when it comes to the German metal moulds , it took 5 attempts to get the above mortar cast to an acceptable standard - its probably just me as other people seem to be able to cast from them okay !. Here we see a test firing of the aforesaid mortar for the benefit of the Comte Du Fru-Fru and his guest Voltaire (who of course knows a great deal about them already )
The mortar is loaded carefully and is ready to fire (maybe the audience should stand further away ?!) I mounted it on a balsa wood base - the mortar bombs come with the mould.
A successful if alarming firing !

Wednesday 1 May 2013

Bad Light Stops Play !

Don't want to start ranting about modern life etc - BUT !  , I've had to take down the game I had set up to replace the light bulb which is over my gaming table AGAIN ! (being short and not very long armed to reach the light fitting). This one only lasted about a year ! , the one before that lasted at a guess 15 years !!!!!! . Okay so when it happened before I should have had the room rewired with spotlights but I did expect the bulb to last longer . Another one for the 'to do' list !.