Saturday 31 March 2012

Patio Wars - Mr Kipling Views The Battlefield.

Under an escort of the Bortchesters the CinC 'Red' Army takes the world famous journalist (and cook) Mr Kipling to view the scene of the recent clash with 'Black' Army. ( I was hoping to play a further game outdoors this weekend but the weather has turned Artic and is very cold - in preparation for the Easter Bank Holiday I  suspect).

They creep closer wary of 'Black' Army snipers.

The CinC confers  with the dashing Captain D'Anger of the 11th Hussars newly arrive to the Patio.

Army 'Black' seem to be building some sort of redoubt . Capt. D'Anger makes a quick sketch map of the area and they retire undetected. (Mr Kipling and Capt. D'Anger are castings from Sarum Soldiers who do a jolly good mail order service.) (click on photos to enlarge)

Sunday 25 March 2012

A Bargin !.

Today being a beautiful day I and my better half walked to the Antiques and Collector Fair held in our local Leisure Centre , whilst my wife was scouting through Toby Jugs etc, I was scouring for toy soldiers ( last time I  got some hollow cast Britain rather cheaply) . I saw a boxed set of 54mm Britains Life Guards and was alarmed at the price of £175 !!!!! , reeling from this shock I came across several toy match stick firing guns in various states of repair and tentatively asked how much ?, £3 each he said - trying not to look to eager I  sorted through them and found the above gun .

The other models were damaged or types I  already had, but this one although somewhat scratched was in perfect working order  and at £3 a bargain .

My initial thought was that it would do for my 40mm figures ,but when I  got it home it is more at home with the 54mm .

Here we see it being manned by my Prince August Gunners under the eyes of the 'Red' Army CinC. Altogether a very successful day as I am sure I've seen models like this going for far more on EBay .

Monday 19 March 2012

Patio Wars Part Two.

Captain Britain decides discretion is the better part of valour !

The Army 'Black' unit moves forward .

The Lanakshire Volunteers change into skirmish order as a dispatch rider is sent back to H.Q.

The Volunteers open fire .

They take casualties (their officer is hit) as they try to evacuate the wounded.

Army 'Black' are hit as well.

With casualties mounting Captain Britain orders a retreat.

More casualites are caused by heavy and accurate enemy fire.

Army 'Red' retreats .

Army 'Black' has won a great victory !.

Captain Britain reports back to the CinC as the wounded are brought back . This reverse must be avenged !. But not for a while the weather has turned damp and cold again.  (click on photos to enlarge)

Sunday 18 March 2012

Patio Wars !.

My wife and I  put in our patio last year ( the weekend/holiday of the Royal wedding )  replacing some rather sad grass that in the occasionally fit of bravado I used to  refer to as 'The Lawn' . I have had the idea of running a 'Funny Little Wars' campaign for some time and this weekend the first clash took place. My wife being at work and myself meant to be pulling up weeds which seem to be the staple crop of our garden.

A patrol of Army 'Red' sets out to map and scout the land around the 'Round' pond . It comprises of 4 Westmorland & Cumberland Hussars and the Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteers , the force is commanded by Captain Britain . The medical staff watch as they march off.

The cavalry soon out distance the infantry . Using the proper outdoor movement distances was quite a eye opener.

The Hussars and Capt. Britain reach the 'Round' pond . (hidden behind them- rather overgrown - I should have been tidying it up - It's meant to be a haven for wild life so that's my excuse)

 The infantry are rather left behind . The cat Marmaduke is totally indifferent to the manoeuvring troops .(cleaning and repainting the bench is another job to do this Spring - Oh dear this is getting depressing - I  need early retirement !)

Hidden in the undergrowth (weeds) is a unit of Army 'Black'    ( click on the photos to enlarge them)

The 'Red' cavalry approach totally unawares (Oh dear the path needs re pointing as well).

A volley of shots ring out and the first casualty is caused ! Too be continued .......

The Body Snatchers (2).

I managed to get the 'Red' Army stretcher bearers painted last night and because it is a nice sunny day decided to photograph them outside . (I should have been gardening)

Here they are seen practising casualty evacuation under the stern eye of the C in C  'Red' Army.

As events turned out it was just as well they were exercising First Aid - await with baited breath the next episode- PATIO WARS !!
(click on photos to enlarge)

Saturday 17 March 2012

The Body Snatchers (1)

Having recently failed to buy medical staff on EBay - twice , the bids went far to high for me - stretcher bearers seem very collectible , I decided to make my own .

The bearers are simply the standing infantry body with straight arms and home service head . the patient is a similar figure with the base removed and the head modified to look like its bandaged. The stretcher is made from card and two pieces of brass wire , the blanket tissue paper hardened with glue - years since I've used that technique takes me back to my youth converting plastic Airfix figures . Hope to get them sprayed and painted this weekend.

Saturday 10 March 2012

Reinforcments for Army 'Red'

Having started this unit 8 months ago I have finally completed it - The Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteers (5th Battalion Cameronians). Here seen on manoeuvres on the patio taking advantage of the spring like weather.

They adopt a looser formation to cover rough terrain .

The Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteers parade in front of the wheelie bins (on reflection not the best of backdrops !) This unit gives me 3 units of infantry per side - 'Black' and 'Red' Armies , I need to finish off a Uhlan cavalry unit for the 'Black' army and if the weather keeps improving it may see the first clash of arms in the garden.

Saturday 3 March 2012

Transporting The El-Gin Marbles (3)

The Treborian Hussars charge the Fetaland cavalry but are repulsed and retreat into the Mounted Constabulary .

The Treborian Dragoons dismount and defend the steam waggons (they succeed in bringing down the Black Hand standard bearer)

The Treborians reorganise and Inspector Zapp moves the Constabulary to attack the Black Hand unit in the village.

With the Black Hand fire striking the steam carriage the party dismounts and takes cover - Polly becomes somewhat distressed !.

A chance card is drawn giving the Treborians a morale boost.

The Treborian Hussars of Excellence charge and destroy the Fetaland cavalry.

Inspector Zapp leads the Constabulary and drive the Black Hand out of the village.

An unlucky shot hits the steam waggon and it catches fire ! (A 1 on a D6 was needed each move per waggon to catch  fire)

H.G. Wells rushes to organise the Dragoons in putting out the fire .

The Garibaldi Volunteers open fire and rout the Treborian cavalry .

The fire spreads dispite the efforts of the defenders.

The Steam Carriage is hit and catches fire forcing Orsen Wells and Polly to flee .

The game ends with 2 of the steam convoy on fire and the Treborians retreating towards the ruined tower , what is the fate of the ancient El-Gin Marbles ? ! (click on photos to enlarge)

Thursday 1 March 2012

A 54mm Aside.

You know what its like when you are waiting for a bus - nothing- and then 3 come along at once !. Same with nurses - been looking out on EBay for a medic department for my Funny Little Wars armies - without success - too expensive and they seem very popular with other bidders .

Then I  managed to purchase these hollow cast figures,  cheapish and not much interest by other bidders - one of the strange quirks of EBay ! , I have repainted them in their original colours and they look I think- rather fetching !. I also got this mounted Edwardian General by Britains, again hollow cast but appears to never have had its paint job finished , don't think its been paint striped - very odd ?. When given a new coat of paint he will join the ranks of 'Red Army'