Friday 26 August 2011

Another 'Black' Army unit .

Part of the expansion plan is to add another unit to Army 'Black' . Thought I  would do something different  rather than the normal German uniform . This Infantry Regiment No.17 a Bavarian unit. As we are away this weekend I will not be able to cast anymore this week  .

Wednesday 24 August 2011

Painted Uhlans

Finally got around to painting my 54mm Prince August Uhlans . Decided to paint them in the uniform of the 1st Regiment of Uhlans.

Here they bring back intelligence of 'Red' Army troop movements to the CinC  of the 'Black' Army.Plan to continue building up the 'Black' Army so I can have a game . This will probably have to indoors as the British summer seems to have ended.

Sunday 21 August 2011

Away Game

When around to my wargaming chum A  last night for a General De Brigade 28mm Napoleonic game. Its a fact that real life has a habit of closing down the wargaming window of opportunity , so A  and I  don't game as much now as we did in our younger days . So we were both looking forward to this mighty clash of intellects - well in 28mm anyway . The table was set out and A  had deployed his mainly Dutch -Belgium force covering a crossroads which was the object of the battle. I deployed the French force and we broke for tea - a sumptuous and rather strange meal of half a microwaved curry each followed by half a large pizza each .

My opponent with the 'bible' of Napoleonic gaming (or was it the dead sea scrolls?)

The initial layout

The Allied lines - the lighting in A's wargaming room is not brilliant , hence the quality of some of the photos varies.

The french attack sets of - full of hope at this point.

Dutch-Belgium troops await the onslaught.

Hanoverian line on the flank , the object of my attack.

 My attack goes in

And breaks the Hanoverians ! - savour this picture of my success , as it all went down hill from then on !.

Having routed the raw Hanoverians my columns met the only British unit on the table (69th Foot) and recieved heavy fire from them when trying to charge and were defeated!

On the other flank A's troops appear from the woods .

In the centre my attack comes to a halt - told you it got worse !.

Veiw from behind the Allied lines.

In the centre his cavalry counterattack my faltering troops !

My right flank attack falls back , the poor quality of this photo is due I think to the tears wetting the camera lens .

 The victor .

My Army was totally defeated , due to superior generalmanship (he typed with gritted teeth ) (b****y luck dice rolls !) . A good game, my cavalry tryed to save the day towards the end but were shoot to pieces , I had to make do wth a unit of French Vetern Cuirassier routing some Raw Dutch- Belgium Hussars !. Rules worked well although they do feel the strain in bigger battles than this I think . The figures were all from A's collection and were mainly Perry Miniatures and the French Wargames Foundry. A great night out Huzza !.

Wednesday 17 August 2011

'Black' Army Ulhans.

Just a quick snapshot of the Prince August Lancer figure . Designed to be a British Lancer,  the uniform is very similar to the German Ulhan . These figures take a lot of metal and weigh - pause as he retreats to the kitchen scales - 7.8 oz or 220 gr . Think I've said it before - these armies will NOT  be cavalry orientated !. ( very nice horses by the way !)

Tuesday 16 August 2011

'Black' Army Gunners

In my quest to bring Army 'Black' up to strength I though I  would add some firepower in the shape of Gunners.

The figures are the standing basic figure , the officer has a sword added and the peaked cap head . The Gunner have the same head but with the peak removed to form a 'field cap' . I did this with a sharp knife - carefully - then stabbed myself in the thumb end, danced around the room sucking my thumb- whilst demanding to know who had hidden the  b****y sticking plasters !!. Having made this blood sacrifice to the gods of wargaming I  tidied them up with a small file .

Have some more German Piklehaube heads on order to build another unit and have been practising casting up the Lancer/Ulhan so hopefully Army 'Black' will be able to take its mortal enemy on soon.

Sunday 14 August 2011

Fetaland Hussars

In response to the aggression from Treboria Fetaland have  raised a Hussar regt.

Called the 'Green Regiment of Hussars' they will boost Fetalands army in the fight back against naked aggression.

Here we see them cantering off to assist in a imminent raid on Treboria (The actual figures are Irregular 42mm FPW  French Chasseurs)

Saturday 13 August 2011

A new 'Black' Army unit

I have been aware that a lot of my efforts of late have been going into painting up units of 'Red' Army, so I made a decision to try and catch up with 'Black' Army .

This is Infantry Regt. 83. I decided to paint them in the Summer uniform with white trouser to distinguish them from the previous Infantry unit.

It has take a few weeks to get them done as I ran out of casting metal , however a lucky find on EBay has supplied me with a reasonably priced stock and I got them finished last night , the varnish is still wet on 3 of the figures !. I have also started on some Gunners for 'Black' Army and have got a Prince August Lancer mold set cheap on EBay so hopefully 'Black' Army will not be as badly outnumbered in the future. Was thinking of getting a game with these figure outside but the British summer seems to have turned very Autumnal this week so it might have to be indoors.

Sunday 7 August 2011

Heroes of Fetaland

The President and his wife review the brave Evazones who did their best in helping them to escape the treacherous attack  by the Treborians .

He thanks the officers personally . (The officers are conversions from the advancing figure)

The Household Cavalry, which suffered such heavy casualties that they have had to be reformed .

They march off to bring retribution to the evil Treborians . The infantry are from the Irregular Balkans War range and the cavalry are in fact Austrian mid 19th cent .

Wednesday 3 August 2011

A Joyous Occassion (4)

King Paul's personal Bodyguard are sent back across the bridge to protect the Fetaland dignitaries and form a wall of steel around them.

Meanwhile the Ferroro Roccaian Gendarmes lead by the King scatter the Treborian partisans

The Fetaland President and party swiftly cross the bridge (having spent 3 turns only moving about 3"they got a dice roll of 12" on 2 D6 - I roll D6 for movement)

Just as the Treborians captured the retreating Fetaland Mitrailleuse a shell/matchstick from their off table artillery lands by mistake amongst them and causes casualties and destroys the M/G ( this was the last matchstick for the gun as well ! - knew I  should NOT have fired it ! - but was aiming at the fleeing Presidential party)

The last gallant Evazones try to hold the bridge .

They sell their little lead lives dearly (well not really, through out the game their dice rolling for shooting had been appalling - BUT they where newly painted and maybe it was the shock of being attacked by their otherwise normally peaceful neighbours).

The Fetaland party are greeted by King Paul II and escorted to safety in Ferraro Rocca . So the Treborian 'War Party' has succeeded in its devilish plan and started a war with Fetaland. The Fetaland government (in exile at moment) is to start a increase in military spending (another order to Irregular)and a mobilisation of the army (more painting of figures) and strike back at the aggressors !.

Tuesday 2 August 2011

A Joyous Occassion (3)

The dastardly deed is done as the Presidential Steam Carriage explodes in flames !

King Paul crosses the bridge safely and prepares to mount his horse.

The Fetaland Household cavalry are shot down before they can charge and the Treborians advance to close the trap .

Not all the casualties are human - a goat killed by a stray artillery matchstick ( my shooting had returned to its normal abysmal state !)

The Fetaland Evazones prepare for a last gallant stand .

King Paul at the head of his Gendarmes prepares to cut his way out to safety.But what of the Presidential party of Fetaland ?, with the Steam Carriage destroyed how will they escape ? , have the Ferraro Roccaians abandoned their allies ? . To be continued.......