Wednesday 3 August 2011

A Joyous Occassion (4)

King Paul's personal Bodyguard are sent back across the bridge to protect the Fetaland dignitaries and form a wall of steel around them.

Meanwhile the Ferroro Roccaian Gendarmes lead by the King scatter the Treborian partisans

The Fetaland President and party swiftly cross the bridge (having spent 3 turns only moving about 3"they got a dice roll of 12" on 2 D6 - I roll D6 for movement)

Just as the Treborians captured the retreating Fetaland Mitrailleuse a shell/matchstick from their off table artillery lands by mistake amongst them and causes casualties and destroys the M/G ( this was the last matchstick for the gun as well ! - knew I  should NOT have fired it ! - but was aiming at the fleeing Presidential party)

The last gallant Evazones try to hold the bridge .

They sell their little lead lives dearly (well not really, through out the game their dice rolling for shooting had been appalling - BUT they where newly painted and maybe it was the shock of being attacked by their otherwise normally peaceful neighbours).

The Fetaland party are greeted by King Paul II and escorted to safety in Ferraro Rocca . So the Treborian 'War Party' has succeeded in its devilish plan and started a war with Fetaland. The Fetaland government (in exile at moment) is to start a increase in military spending (another order to Irregular)and a mobilisation of the army (more painting of figures) and strike back at the aggressors !.


  1. It is amasing what a cross-wind can do to artillery. Great AAR, thank you.

  2. The Guard reminds me fondly of the Syldavian one in 'Ottokar's sceptre'...

  3. Indeed took my inspiration from that TinTin book.

  4. Ah yes, war is good for business. A fun report.