Saturday 3 May 2014

Painting 10mm Figures.

Last post I put up some 10mm AWI figures I had been painting and Jim Duncan from - asked what method I used to paint them . So I have decided to give a brief run through of my method . I spray the figures black and then paint them in batches of 8 figures - which is one base ,  mounted  individually on bottle tops with 'blue tack'. Please try to ignore the VERY mess paint table that appears in the background !.

I paint the musket , hands and face/hair a dark brown . Painting the same pose of figure in each session helps to remember were the paint needs to be applied .

I then pick out the straps and belts in white , on these figures the coat turnbacks and stockings are also white - as well as the hat lace. Click on the photos to enlarge them .

As these figures are going to represent the 2nd New Hampshire ( Enoch Poor's ) Regiment I paint the breeches a buff colour .

The facing colour of this regiment was red so I then pick out the cuffs and lapels . I try to use very bright colours as the black undercoat tends to dull the colours down .

Next I paint the bayonet and barrel of the musket , also the canteen . I then paint the coat blue - it should be a darker blue - but this lighter blue looks better . I think the trick is to leave areas black to represent shading and shadows - note slight gap of black between the stocking and breeches on these figures .

I then add the flesh to the hands and face , I try only to paint the nose and cheek bones and leave a bit of brown showing to define the face. I've only painted the higher areas on the sleeve of the coat and left the black showing in the folds . These figures are not really meant to be viewed this close up .

I put a touch of gold onto the tip off the bayonet scabbard and musket butt - if visible . I then super glue them to their base and CAREFULLY  work 'Basetex' around their feet (the hardest bit of the process I find!) .

When the base is set, I dry-brush it with a very light brown and add a bit of static grass to finish it off . A coat of matt varnish to the figures completes the process . Only another 32 to do to finish off this regiment . I think the trick is leaving enough black undercoat showing to suggest shadows and using lighter/brighter coloured paints on the highlights of the figures . I hope this has helped illustrate how I paint these figures - Kallistra say on their very good website - 'paint the unit not the figure' . 


  1. Thanks very much Mosstrooper.

    This is almost exactly the method I want to have a go at. Leaving the right amount of black undercoat is crucial and also using a brighter top colour here and there as the black will tone things down a bit.

    Can't wait to find the time to give it a go.

    1. Like all things its just practise , Tony

  2. Very helpful thanks. I was looking closely at your bigger figures too to check to see how much black you left showing...just a bit so they look s if they have been 'blacklined'. Not sure I could manage 10mm now, although I painted a lot of Warmaster stuff about 12 years ago.

    1. Think its a 'one off' project for me as well - I have to be in the right humour to do it , but I like the challenge .

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