Saturday 26 November 2011

The Black Hand are Informed of the Fate of the El-Gin Marbles.

The peasant child Heidi carries word of the whereabouts of the El-Gin Marbles to the local Commandant of the 'Black Hand' .Fiercely patriotic, they are sworn opponents of Treboria .(click on photos to enlarge)

The 'Black Hand' leader Col. Helena sends word to gather her forces and starts to make plans to recapture the precious Marbles.

Saturday 19 November 2011

Funny Little Wars Chance Cards.

I have just taken delivery of a set of 'Event Cards' for Funny Little Wars. these are produced by The Virtual Armchair General and will add a touch of uncertainty to my games . Too try these out I am planning to fight a battle between Treboria and Fetaland next week (they are being examined by H.G. Wells , Polly and H.G.s cousin Orson Wells)

A Chance Meeting in Treboria.

Whilst inspecting the 'Z' Coach H.G.Well's party is approached by a well dressed stranger .Mr Wells is perturbed by the sudden appearence of his American cousin Orson Wells - who he believes to be a of rather low character . (he is an American after all !). However Polly takes a 'shine' to this mysterious stranger !.(click on photos to enlarge)

Orson is a leading light in the 'Moving Picture' industry and is hoping to make a movie about the current Treboria-Ferraro Rocca/Fetaland Conflict.

However H.G. and Zapp have the more pressing matter of the safe transportation of the El-Gin Marbles rather than social chit-chat !.

Friday 18 November 2011

'Z' Coach .

Inspector Zapp has finally got his patrol coach fully operational .

Carrying 8 specially trained Constables it will help in patrolling the borders of Treboria on the look out for illegal aliens and the infamous 'Black Hand' terrorists . (the sitting figures are 42mm Irregular limber riders with a head swop )

Friday 11 November 2011

New EBay finds .

Managed to get three lots of 54mm figures of EBay at a very reasonable price ( other bidders did not seem interested)

They had been painted to a good 'Toy Soldier' standard .

They will need a bit of 'Tarting Up' and basing to prevent them falling over ( some are leaning badly in photos and kept knocking each other over !)

They were described as Scottish Toy Soldier Company (?).

These figures should bring up my 'Red Army' to full strength - in Infantry anyway !. Now if only I could find somebody selling 54mm 'Black Army' figures - Oh well back to the casting molds !.

Sunday 6 November 2011

A New Acquisition and Futher Adventures

After their recent adventures Inspector Zapp shows H.G.Wells and Polly his latest purchase by auction (EBay) of a high speed Steam Coach with which he hopes to transport crack squads of his Mounted Police .

He is toying with the idea of calling them 'Z' Carriages (?)

Conversation turns to the topic of H.G. Wells writing a set of rules to adjudicate games using toy soldiers .

Unbeknown to them they are being watched .

It would appear that the El-Gin Marbles are not yet safe !.