Saturday, 19 November 2011

A Chance Meeting in Treboria.

Whilst inspecting the 'Z' Coach H.G.Well's party is approached by a well dressed stranger .Mr Wells is perturbed by the sudden appearence of his American cousin Orson Wells - who he believes to be a of rather low character . (he is an American after all !). However Polly takes a 'shine' to this mysterious stranger !.(click on photos to enlarge)

Orson is a leading light in the 'Moving Picture' industry and is hoping to make a movie about the current Treboria-Ferraro Rocca/Fetaland Conflict.

However H.G. and Zapp have the more pressing matter of the safe transportation of the El-Gin Marbles rather than social chit-chat !.


  1. Oh dear! Is that a Martian tripod I see poking up from behind a distant hill?

  2. That Wells is a low fellow and no mistake.