Friday 29 November 2013

Revenge Of The Saxons (Parte One)

The title of this episode sounds like a 1960's 'B' movie ! . To celebrate the completion up to strength of the Legion Britannique Col. Scheither has decided to use them on a raid into French territory assisted by his Carbineers and Jaegers .
Col. Blunnte  watches as the newly varnished regiment advances .
The French informed of this raid hurry a force forward to intercept them .
Thirsting for revenge are 2 companies of the Saxon Liebgarde grenadiers who were roughly handled by the Allies in their last battle !.
Col. Blunnte (left) and Col. Scheither urge their force onwards !.
The Allies start to deploy ! . Parte 2 to follow soon !........

Tuesday 19 November 2013

Warfare 2013

We went down to Reading on the Friday night and as 'S' and 'L' had gone down earlier they had got the stands set up and so Saturday morning was a bit more leisurely . However I forgot to take my camera with me and left it in the hotel . This is Sunday morning as we arrive at the combined S&A Scenics - Lancashire Games stand 'A' sits thoughtfully as 'B' prepares to unveil the goodies .
Open for business !, I had my "Doctor Livingstone I presume" moment when fellow blogger Springinsfeld came and introduced himself - interesting to put a face to a name !.
I always make a beeline for the FOW competition games as the scenery is usually nice and the painting of the armies inspiring . Here we have "levitating tank" syndrome these cut up mats look good for wheat crops but I prefer 'teddy bear' fur for this purpose.
Some beautifully painted Russian T34's .
Brrrr! it even looks cold !
A 10mm Romans versus Celts game with hex scenery - like the hills !
The Romans besiege the Celts .
A 54mm Wild West rustler's game - very impressive !
A lot of work had gone into figure conversions.
A WW1 German East Africa game with simple but effective scenery .
They used some sort of Hessian curtaining as a base cloth .
A small but interesting 54mm ECW game.
Nicely painted figures as well !
Even had cavalry - not sure who the figures are by ?
A rather nice Pirate demo game in the main hall.
The latest offering from Peter Pig - is it just me but have the last few rule sets they have produced got more complicated ?
A large ACW game with lots of trees - at this point my camera batteries failed !. A good show but I think the traders found it a lot slower especially on the Sunday when the hall almost emptied when the completion games were on . Warfare is one of the few 2 day shows still running and I think most of the spending was done on the Saturday . My own purchases were very modest a couple of Perry ACW  limbers and teams, some more dice (you can NEVER have enough) and Super Glue Gel  as the last lot of cheapo stuff I got was rubbish . As a Old School Wargamer I find  there is at times little to entice spending at most shows .

Thursday 14 November 2013

Off To Warfare !.

This weekend we will be making our annual pilgrimage to the Warfare show in Reading , if  I remember to take my camera I will immortalise the event.

Here is a embarrassing photo of the author playing DBA on a hotel bed with 'A's "travelling DBA set" on a similar outing - the things people get up to in hotel rooms !!!! (and I believe I lost the game !)

Thursday 7 November 2013

The 3rd Battalion Legion Britannique .

Sorry for the delay in posting this article but we have been having problems with the internet - its alarming how you miss it and how much our lives now depend on it - the whole wargaming industry is dependent on it ! , was going to buy some figures - but now of course I don't have any catalogues and not even the firms phone number - I would have course used their website and PayPal , but Huzzah ! it returns and so I can post images of my completed Hanoverian Legion Britannique .
This unit started as a way of employing all those little used moulds I have amassed in various Ebay buys to create a unit that looks a bit disorganised , the historical unit was made up of deserters and ner-do-wells . The flags are I'm afraid fictitious - Project SYW ( ) says they were of British pattern but details not known .
They look a right ragged bunch now I have them on the table and I think will count as militia under 'Charge' rules.