Friday, 29 November 2013

Revenge Of The Saxons (Parte One)

The title of this episode sounds like a 1960's 'B' movie ! . To celebrate the completion up to strength of the Legion Britannique Col. Scheither has decided to use them on a raid into French territory assisted by his Carbineers and Jaegers .
Col. Blunnte  watches as the newly varnished regiment advances .
The French informed of this raid hurry a force forward to intercept them .
Thirsting for revenge are 2 companies of the Saxon Liebgarde grenadiers who were roughly handled by the Allies in their last battle !.
Col. Blunnte (left) and Col. Scheither urge their force onwards !.
The Allies start to deploy ! . Parte 2 to follow soon !........


  1. Great pictures and wonderful figures, I love your Saxon Liebgarde Grenadiers..

  2. The onlookers are eagerly awaiting the opening shot, picnic baskets at hand!