Sunday 30 October 2011

The Curious Case of H.G. Wells and the El-Gin Marbles (Finale)

Just realised that the last post on this Blog was my 100th ! - well I never ! , when I started this blog in the early part of this year I had no idea where it was going or how it would turn out . I still don't- it just seems to amble along gently digressing from one subject to another , I've never been lost for a subject of conversation (my wife can testify this !) - which I feared I might be in the early days . So here's to the next 100 !- back to the game ...

Treborian reinforcements charge into the enemy to save the day .

A vicious melee takes place - and the Fetaland infantry is forced to retire .

The Fetaland Artillery hits the Steam Coach and blocks the road.

The Fetaland artillery's shooting improves - just as it runs out of ammo !.

The Fetaland infantry reform , but are now out numbered .

With their forces having taken heavy casualties the Fetaland forces decide to fall back . The El-Gin Marbles are safe ! .

H.G.Wells and Polly Perkins are safe, although a little shaken !. Inspector Zapp leads them to safety.

 Inspired by their adventure H.G. Wells falls into discussion with Inspector Zapp .

The Inspector is a keen collector of Miniature Figurines .

And that is how H.G. Wells came to write ' Small Wars'
'Little Wars'

Wednesday 26 October 2011

The Curious Case of H.G. Wells and the El-Gin Marbles (3)

The Fetaland Green Hussars gallop to intercept the Steam Coach .

The Treborian Dragoons counter charge and a furious melee takes place.

The Fetaland Hussars are driven off - but at a cost and the Fetaland Infantry close in on the convoy.

With their escape route  blocked the party abandon the Steam Coach .

Luckily reinforcements are rushing to help .

On the other flank the Garibaldi Volunteers open fire on the Treborian Infantry.

Unfortunately they get the worse of it and retreat (bad luck is ever the fate of newly painted figures in their first battle). They were NOT helped by the poor and erratic shooting of the Fetaland Artillery!.

The depleted Treborian Dragoons make a suicidal charge into the threatening Fetaland Infantry , as the Treborian Mounted Police rush up to protect the Dignitaries . The game hangs in the balance ! . To be continued...

Friday 21 October 2011

The Curious Case of H.G. Wells and the El-Gin Marbles (2)

With the El-Gin Marbles loaded on the steam wagon the party prepare to leave the Temple complex , when a report comes that Fetaland forces are on the way !.

Garibaldi Volunteers move through the high ground overlooking El-Gin intent on preventing the Marbles from being removed.

More Fetaland troops move onto the table . (arrival locations and timings diced for)

There is a problem with the Steam Coach.

Luckily Treborian reinforcements are on the way .

Treborian Infantry move to assist the party (again locations and arrival times were diced for).

 The Steam Coach gets moving and the Mounted Police fan out in skirmish order to protect it , their fire causes the first Fetaland casualty.

Will the Treborian convoy escape ?, will the reinforcements arrive in time ?,  can Fetaland prevent the loss of the precious marbles ? . Too be continued..... 

Monday 17 October 2011

The Curious Case of H.G.Wells and the El-Gin Marbles (1)

To curry favour with the British Government to help in their cause against Ferraro Rocca and Fetaland , the Treborian Government has decided to present a series of Marble panels from the ancient temple of El-Gin . Mr H.G.Wells on holiday in the area has been honoured to receive them on behalf of Britain . Here he is seen beside the temple with his - err 'traveling companion' Miss Polly Perkins , the Treborians have given the job of guarding the party to Inspector Zapp and a detachment of Mounted Police .

Things are going well and after a alfresco meal the marbles are loaded.

The Temple at El-Gin is dangerously near the border of Fetaland and is judged to belong to them not Treboria.

Suddenly a local old woman appears and remonstrates with the party .

The party hurry to their transport - startled by the old woman . Will the party manage to leave without incident ? , is there any truth in the old womans curses ? . Too be continued ......
(The El-Gin Marbles are still in storage at the British Museum and have not been on general display due to their somewhat- Hmm err- delicate err shall we say 'racy' nature !)  

Friday 14 October 2011

Fetaland re-armed.

Finally got round to finishing off the Fetaland Artillery - so they now do not have to rely on their allies Ferraro Rocca to supply them with firepower .

Here we see them practising with their new French 75mm QF gun .

The Fetaland High Command have taken the decision to now man the Mitrailleuse with a Naval contingent (rumours that this is because of the very poor showing of the Artillery in manning this weapon in recent games are untrue !) .

The Fetaland Navy have been using these weapons on their steam motor launches with great success and it is hoped they can repeat this on land (unlike the Artillery who could not hit barn door !). The figures are Irregular 42mm from their Deutsche Homage series - not to everyone taste but I think they look cute !.

I have also finished off the Fetaland Command group with a officer and standard bearer in State dress (simple conversions from the Evazone figures).

Monday 10 October 2011

Garibaldi Volunteers.

Foreign volunteers flood in to support Fetaland and her cause against aggressive Treboria . Amongst the most organised are the Italian 'Garibaldi' Volunteers resplendent in their scarlet shirts .

Organised as a memory to the gallant Giuseppe Garibaldi , these valiant chaps are eager to cross swords with the villainous enemy.

They  are Irregular 42mm Russian infantry figures . I decided on them to look a bit different from the rest of my Balkans Imagi-nation figures.

Here they are marching past the Fetaland High Command . 'Huzza for the brave Volunteers!'.

Wednesday 5 October 2011

Blast from the Past (2)

Another couple of photos of the recently purchased hollow cast Britains 54mm figures , they are of mixed usefulness and several have degrees of damage ,but I hope to repair them and incorperate them into my 54mm homecast 'Funny Little Wars- Red Army' .I plan to keep my eyes open on EBay and any future 'Collectors Fairs' I attend .

Sunday 2 October 2011

Fetaland Strikes Back ! (2)

Treborian reinforcements arrive to save the day ! - well actually these soldiers took ages to negotiate the woods and arrived to late to influence things.

The local citizenry arm themselves and rush to defend their town .

The brave Treborian gunners are shot down manning their gun to the last !.

The Fetaland forces charge the town , clashing with the citizens  in a protracted and bloody melee.

Who are defeated and flee the town !

The last of the defending Treborians are overwhelmed and the town is taken , but with great loss of little lead lives on both sides .

With the non-arrival of more reinforcements ( initiated by turning playing cards - the cavalry never arrived - blast !) the Treborians retreat leaving the town to be burnt by the vengeful Fetaland forces. Another great game although interrupted by real life at times. This has encouraged me to send off another order to Irregular (  who is probably planning next years holiday on the profits of this years purchases by your truly !) for more Fetaland infantry and a gun - Ferraro Rocca provided the gun and crew for this game . I  am also going to look at the rules for machine guns as they seem a little inaffectual at the moment - or is it the poor training given to the Fetaland gunners ?.