Friday, 21 October 2011

The Curious Case of H.G. Wells and the El-Gin Marbles (2)

With the El-Gin Marbles loaded on the steam wagon the party prepare to leave the Temple complex , when a report comes that Fetaland forces are on the way !.

Garibaldi Volunteers move through the high ground overlooking El-Gin intent on preventing the Marbles from being removed.

More Fetaland troops move onto the table . (arrival locations and timings diced for)

There is a problem with the Steam Coach.

Luckily Treborian reinforcements are on the way .

Treborian Infantry move to assist the party (again locations and arrival times were diced for).

 The Steam Coach gets moving and the Mounted Police fan out in skirmish order to protect it , their fire causes the first Fetaland casualty.

Will the Treborian convoy escape ?, will the reinforcements arrive in time ?,  can Fetaland prevent the loss of the precious marbles ? . Too be continued..... 


  1. Once again, excellent! Another installment is something to look forward to.

  2. The excitement mounts...
    Visually a delight tooo. Tell us more of the infernal engine.
    best wishes

  3. The Steam Coach and Wagon are by an Italian (?)firm called Brumm , purchased off EBay .

  4. very enjoyable game report - waiting for the next episode

    -- Allan