Monday, 17 October 2011

The Curious Case of H.G.Wells and the El-Gin Marbles (1)

To curry favour with the British Government to help in their cause against Ferraro Rocca and Fetaland , the Treborian Government has decided to present a series of Marble panels from the ancient temple of El-Gin . Mr H.G.Wells on holiday in the area has been honoured to receive them on behalf of Britain . Here he is seen beside the temple with his - err 'traveling companion' Miss Polly Perkins , the Treborians have given the job of guarding the party to Inspector Zapp and a detachment of Mounted Police .

Things are going well and after a alfresco meal the marbles are loaded.

The Temple at El-Gin is dangerously near the border of Fetaland and is judged to belong to them not Treboria.

Suddenly a local old woman appears and remonstrates with the party .

The party hurry to their transport - startled by the old woman . Will the party manage to leave without incident ? , is there any truth in the old womans curses ? . Too be continued ......
(The El-Gin Marbles are still in storage at the British Museum and have not been on general display due to their somewhat- Hmm err- delicate err shall we say 'racy' nature !)  


  1. A great story ... that one feels might well lead to other events!

    All the best,