Sunday 2 October 2011

Fetaland Strikes Back ! (2)

Treborian reinforcements arrive to save the day ! - well actually these soldiers took ages to negotiate the woods and arrived to late to influence things.

The local citizenry arm themselves and rush to defend their town .

The brave Treborian gunners are shot down manning their gun to the last !.

The Fetaland forces charge the town , clashing with the citizens  in a protracted and bloody melee.

Who are defeated and flee the town !

The last of the defending Treborians are overwhelmed and the town is taken , but with great loss of little lead lives on both sides .

With the non-arrival of more reinforcements ( initiated by turning playing cards - the cavalry never arrived - blast !) the Treborians retreat leaving the town to be burnt by the vengeful Fetaland forces. Another great game although interrupted by real life at times. This has encouraged me to send off another order to Irregular (  who is probably planning next years holiday on the profits of this years purchases by your truly !) for more Fetaland infantry and a gun - Ferraro Rocca provided the gun and crew for this game . I  am also going to look at the rules for machine guns as they seem a little inaffectual at the moment - or is it the poor training given to the Fetaland gunners ?. 


  1. A rollicking good battle report with some lovely looking figures.

    All the best,


  2. Marvelous! Just what I needed to lift my spirits on a rainy coughy-sneezy day. Thanks!

  3. Another enjoyable ramble through that lovely country called Nostalgia. The war photographer has taken some splendid photos. More please!

  4. Nice work there back in 2011- great photos and very interesting Irregular figures you've painted up.