Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The Curious Case of H.G. Wells and the El-Gin Marbles (3)

The Fetaland Green Hussars gallop to intercept the Steam Coach .

The Treborian Dragoons counter charge and a furious melee takes place.

The Fetaland Hussars are driven off - but at a cost and the Fetaland Infantry close in on the convoy.

With their escape route  blocked the party abandon the Steam Coach .

Luckily reinforcements are rushing to help .

On the other flank the Garibaldi Volunteers open fire on the Treborian Infantry.

Unfortunately they get the worse of it and retreat (bad luck is ever the fate of newly painted figures in their first battle). They were NOT helped by the poor and erratic shooting of the Fetaland Artillery!.

The depleted Treborian Dragoons make a suicidal charge into the threatening Fetaland Infantry , as the Treborian Mounted Police rush up to protect the Dignitaries . The game hangs in the balance ! . To be continued...

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  1. Gripping stuff. Why is the coach powered by steam? Rather than perfectly respectable horseflesh?