Saturday 31 August 2013

Royal Irish Grenadier Company

Managed to get the rest of the Grenadier company done , the drummer should have a mitre cap but it was going to be to hard to convert him so he is as he is !.
I also got done a couple of higher command for my Saxon Leibgrenadiergard battalion , who seem to be having an difference of opinion over which way to advance?.

Friday 30 August 2013

A Couple of Unknown Figures

Another side to my hobby is collecting WW1 pilot figures in the 'Toy Soldier' style - see
I bought these 60mm figures of EBay recently the one on the left was labelled as Russian Pilot 1914 the one on the right was untitled - but is wearing a German 'Steelhelm'  (!?) both have 1897 printed on their bases . I have been unable to trace them on the Internet , I was assuming that 1897 was a trade name ? so I will continue my investigations . I'm not sure of the practicalities of wearing a steel helmet whilst flying but its an unusual figure so I'm going to paint them up for my collection and will post the results when finished.

Sunday 25 August 2013

A 40mm Conversion Painted.

Due to circumstances in 'real life' I have only got half of the new Grenadier company painted and varnished , however I did get the Officer conversion done . Here my attempt at a 'atmospheric' photo.

Sunday 18 August 2013

A Couple Of 40mm Conversions.

I'm about to start painting another British Grenadier Company and thought I should convert a figure to use as the officer . In the centre is the original type of  figure used, on the right the figure used to get the head needed with a Mitre cap and on the left the finished figure with a Irregular 40mm musket added . 'Green Stuff' putty is used to get the hair and gorget and remake the hand.
The Sergeant figure with a simple head swap and 'Green Stuff' to cover the joint , now to spray them ready for painting.

Tuesday 13 August 2013

Blasthof In The Balkans (Parte 2)

The Ferraro Roccain infantry retire from the bridge to reorganise and unfortunately a stray Treborian shell (matchstick) lands squarely amongst them causing heavy casualties !.
The elite Treborian Hussars of Excellence charge the Hariboan Lancers as they are reorganising and destroy them .
The F.R. infantry having crossed the river advance towards the bridge but come under heavy fire from the enemy artillery.
On the other flank the F.R.  Gendarmes charge the Treborian infantry and find out cavalry cannot charge troops armed with modern weaponry.
The positions of the armies towards the end of the game , the Treborians charge across the bridge to try and secure both ends to win the game .
The Ferraro Roccain Naval Brigade supported by the Gatling gun reek havoc in the Treborian infantry's ranks , but take casualties as well.
The Ferraro Roccain Reservists halt the Treborian advance with a steady volley .
With time running out both sides call a halt to the slaughter , the Ferraro Roccain's had suffered heavier losses but had denied the bridge to the enemy , so a draw was declared . A close run game which could have swung either way up to the very end . Once more Blasthof delivers !.

Monday 5 August 2013

Blasthof In The Balkans (Parte 1)

Inspired by my recent game of Blasthof Bridge I decided to try the scenario out using 'Funny Little Wars' rules and my Imagination Balkan armies of Treboria and Ferraro Rocca . Above the Ferraro Roccain army deploys , the newly painted Naval Brigade in the foreground.(Ferraro Rocca is based on Roumania)
The Treborian army deploys . (Treboria is loosely based on Serbia)
The battlefield, Blasthof bridge of course in the centre of the table.
The wild Hariboan Lancers loyal allies to Ferraro Rocca prepare to cross the river.
King Paul II  commands the Ferraro Rocca army in person.
The Treborian army is commanded by General De Laye.
The action starts with the Treborian cavalry Brigade (lead by the Elite Hussars of Excellence) moving around the Blasthof Berg and the artillery moving up to take position on the hill.
The Hariboan Lancers cross the river as the F.R. artillery moves up to support them.
The F.R. Naval Brigade move forward with their Gatling gun .
Ferraro Roccain infantry prepare to cross the river to assist the cavalry.
The first rounds of artillery fire from the F.R. artillery overshoot badly and land near the Treborian H.Q. causing a casualty amongst the staff.
The opposing cavalry clash and the Treborian Hussars are driven off.
The Ferraro Roccain Gendarmes charge the Treborian infantry as the cross the river - but some appalling movement dice leaves them short of contact and they retire next move - a lucky call for Treboria !.
A lucky shot from the enemy artillery hits the F.R. battery and destroys the gun and crew and almost injures King Paul II .
The Ferraro Roccain infantry attack across the bridge but are repulsed with heavy losses.
The situation about half way through the battle , honours are about even and it remains in the balance to see who will win. Too be continued...

Friday 2 August 2013

Hello Sailor !

My Imagination of Ferraro Rocca  has been a bit light on infantry units compared to their arch enemy Treboria or allies Fetaland , so I cast around for ideas and suitable figures to boost their numbers.

Having already done a Naval Gatling gun for Ferraro Rocca it seemed logical to expand this to a Naval landing force . The Ferraro Roccain navy is under a bit of a cloud at the moment as their only ship is under repair due to a miscalculation in navigation and so it has been decided to redeploy them in a land role.
The basic figure is a Irregular 42mm Sailor marching . I converted the bugler by adding an instrument and the Naval Pennant to the rifle of another figure .
Here we see them marching off to the front , to make them more fit for land service they were given gaiters and cartridge belts made from the canvas from old sails . They are seen on their way by a group of dignitaries - left to right- Lady Constance cousin to the King , Tad Portly 'The Times' correspondent and Archbishop Stefan .

Thursday 1 August 2013

Blasthof Bridge (Parte 2)

An intense musketry- artillery duel takes place across the river and Imperial infantrymen are drafted in to replace gun crew casualties .
Imperial infantry storm across the bridge to prevent it's capture and an inconclusive melee takes place .
The Electors cavalry is victorious and disposes of its opponents - but the Imperial troops sacrifice is worth it as time is speeding on and the window of opportunity for the capture of the bridge is past .
The Electoral infantry reform - but with mounting casualties and the end of the day approaching the day belongs to the Imperial army .
The victorious Imperial troops hold the bridge at the end of the day to gain victory . Casualties were very similar but the Electors army never reach its objective with time to complete the victory conditions . The sacrifice of the Imperial cavalry held them up long enough for the infantry and guns to get into position to deny the bridge to them . In fairness to 'A'  his battle plan was based on a couple of photos which perhaps did not show the distances involved very well and as he is a 'Charge' novice I think he did very well all told. An excellent game overall and a scenario I will be trying out again in the future - perhaps with a Imagination Balkans setting !?.