Friday, 2 August 2013

Hello Sailor !

My Imagination of Ferraro Rocca  has been a bit light on infantry units compared to their arch enemy Treboria or allies Fetaland , so I cast around for ideas and suitable figures to boost their numbers.

Having already done a Naval Gatling gun for Ferraro Rocca it seemed logical to expand this to a Naval landing force . The Ferraro Roccain navy is under a bit of a cloud at the moment as their only ship is under repair due to a miscalculation in navigation and so it has been decided to redeploy them in a land role.
The basic figure is a Irregular 42mm Sailor marching . I converted the bugler by adding an instrument and the Naval Pennant to the rifle of another figure .
Here we see them marching off to the front , to make them more fit for land service they were given gaiters and cartridge belts made from the canvas from old sails . They are seen on their way by a group of dignitaries - left to right- Lady Constance cousin to the King , Tad Portly 'The Times' correspondent and Archbishop Stefan .


  1. Smashing figures you've painted there, old bean! Just the thing.



    1. I like the Irregular 42mm , they have a Toy Soldier aura about them ! Cheers Tony

  2. A very nice unit indeed, I particularly like the bugler.
    Best wishes, Brian

  3. Oh, very nice indeed. The Archbish is brilliant! He needs a monastery or a cathedral though...