Thursday, 1 August 2013

Blasthof Bridge (Parte 2)

An intense musketry- artillery duel takes place across the river and Imperial infantrymen are drafted in to replace gun crew casualties .
Imperial infantry storm across the bridge to prevent it's capture and an inconclusive melee takes place .
The Electors cavalry is victorious and disposes of its opponents - but the Imperial troops sacrifice is worth it as time is speeding on and the window of opportunity for the capture of the bridge is past .
The Electoral infantry reform - but with mounting casualties and the end of the day approaching the day belongs to the Imperial army .
The victorious Imperial troops hold the bridge at the end of the day to gain victory . Casualties were very similar but the Electors army never reach its objective with time to complete the victory conditions . The sacrifice of the Imperial cavalry held them up long enough for the infantry and guns to get into position to deny the bridge to them . In fairness to 'A'  his battle plan was based on a couple of photos which perhaps did not show the distances involved very well and as he is a 'Charge' novice I think he did very well all told. An excellent game overall and a scenario I will be trying out again in the future - perhaps with a Imagination Balkans setting !?.


  1. Great game, nice to see the old classic re-fought

    -- Allan

  2. Great game, a beautiful old school set up. Blasthof Bridge is a well thought scenario that always gives an interesting battle.

  3. Win or lose, both sides looked well.Good game!

  4. The Imperial Army seems to be better placed and supported by artillery. Both of them are too beautifully painted to kill them, but thats wargaming...