Friday 25 February 2011

Revenge !

General Hagen Dazcs in hot pursuit ! accompanied by the 'Hussars of Excellance'
En raged by the surprise attack on their new artillery piece , the Treborian General Hagen Dazcs sets off in pursuit of the retiring Ferraro Roccain army . They sight the enemy rearguard and prepare to fall upon it . The Ferraro Roccain commander Colonel Velkro responds by calling back reinforcements to combat the pursuers.
Colonel Velkro espyes the enemy !
Battle will soon be joined !

Sunday 20 February 2011

Secret Weapon

Ferraro Roccai Armoured Car inspected by the High Command
Ferraro Roccai's secret weapon has been seen on maneuver's , armed with a machine gun it is confidently predicted that it will soon make cavalry a thing of the past . Armoured car converted from a 'Models of Yesteryear ' car using card and a Irregular m/g and gunner .

Saturday 19 February 2011

Newly Painted figures

The Hussars of Excellence are reviewed by the Treborian Command
These are the newly painted Treborian 'Hussars of Excellence ' an elite unit made up of the sons of the ruling classes . Decided to go imaginary for this unit , as the original figure , a Greek cavalryman was dressed in khaki which was a bit boring ! . I originally started to do the Balkans because of the very cute figures by Irregular , but by this time most armies where beginning to wear drab uniforms . So I decided to go 'Imagi-nation', after 40 odd years of painting 'serious' war gaming figures, this I am finding is a pleasant change .

Sunday 13 February 2011

Attack on the Gun Part 2

Treborian Dragoons to the rescue

The attack on the Artillery position developed slowly , (due to the Ferraro Roccain infantry units rolling very poorly on their movement dice) . The Treborian response was also slow , the Artillery crew finally manning the gun only to find that the enemy had flanked their position and they had no targets !. The Treborian Dragoons drove off one of the Black Hand Bands , but received heavy casualties from the other surrounding enemy and had to retire. Another Unit of Treborian infantry arrived on the road and drove off the Ferraro Roccain Cavalry . The defending Treborian infantry around the gun position and village where driven off with heavy casualties - However at this point things started to go wrong for the attackers ! , the second surviving Black Hand band succeeded in planting and setting fire to the Arsenal  and then retired to a safe distance . The Ferraro Roccaian C in C  suddenly realised that it could blow up at any time and his surrounding infantry (with pack mules loaded with high explosives)  were in the danger zone ! . He ordered a general retreat away from the danger , the Treborian gun crew did for a moment wonder about trying to put out the burning building , but decided caution being the better part of valour and fled . The explosion when it went off demolished half the village , but the artillery piece was only lightly singed !. The Ferraro Roccain forces retired with half their mission accomplished and at least the gun although not destroy  had no ammunition ., however question would be asked about the bad coordination of the attack . The Treborian high command will be asking about the poor defence of such a important position and planning revenge !.

The Black Hand plant a 'Infernal Device'
Treborian Infantry reinforcements

Tuesday 8 February 2011

Initial set up positions for attack on gun position (decided by dice throws), Only 1/2 a  Treborian unit was active at start of game . On the first few moves the Ferrero Roccaian Infantry move to the left and right of the enemy redoubt the cavalry moved to try and cut the road to the left of the position , but the arrival on move 2 of a Treborian  Dragoon unit on the road on the left upper corner prevented this and they dismounted and formed a skirmish line and opened fire on the Dragoons . The Triboria troops in the gun redoubt and the Telephone exchange opened fire on the advancing enemy infantry but being poor/2nd class they caused only a few casualties due to poor marksmanship . On the right the 2 bands of the Black Hand sweeped forward to take the gun and Arsenal by the flank . (photos from our war correspondent to follow !) .
The author in a more formal moment

Sunday 6 February 2011

Dawn attack on the gun

Main Ferraro Roccai force will approach from bottom of map , comprising of 2 infantry units and 1 cavalry unit . ( I will dice for entry positions 1-5, on a 6 ,unit will wait one turn and dice again .)(The 2 Black Hand bands will dice for positions 1-2,3-4,5-6, ) . The Treborian defenders are base in village , 1 unit of Territorial forces and the gunners for gun . 1 unit of Cavalry will arrive on road -top left on dice roll of 6 first move , 5-6 next move etc .A  unit of infantry will also arrive in same position on dice roll of 12 first move, 12-11 next move etc . The dicing for arrivals represents the confusion of a dawn attack . I will be using a variant of the 'Funny Littlt War ' rules . The objectives for the main Ferraro Roccai force is to disable the gun (units have mules loaded with explosives for this . The Black Hand Band missions are to destroy gun and set fire to the arsenal each unit has an attached Spy with a 'Infernal ' devise to achieve this .
View of Treborian position

Friday 4 February 2011

Ferraro Roccai springs into action

                                King Paul II inspects troops as they march off to invade Treboria
     The Secret Society of the Black Hand  is  alerted ready to assist to overthrow the hated Treborian overlords !  

Trouble on the Treborian border

General Rostov inspects the newly purchased 4.7" artillery piece .  Bought at a knocked down price from the British Admiralty . However they are not alone ..........
Major Grunte
Alerted by a spy the High Command of neghbouring Ferro Roccai have sent a scouting party to observe the new weapon ....... and they don't like what they see.......
Somthing will have to be done about this act of aggression !

Thursday 3 February 2011

Bad Back

Off sick with bad back , done whilst picking up some chocolate biscuits I had dropped at Asda ! , see biscuits ARE bad for your health ! . Sadly at moment I find it painful to sit and paint , off sick and actually SICK ! , what a waste of time . Heres one I prepared earlier .

Wednesday 2 February 2011

Posting Photos

MUST  remember to shrink photos before trying to post them ! , otherwise it takes forever

This Blogging melarkey !

Well after one or two false starts (and accompying bad language ) I now have a heading picture to my blog !.

Tin Soldiering On

Well in a idle moment I have decided to start a Blog !.  It will record , I hope my thoughts and progress in my hobby (obsesion ?) of painting and playing with small tin soldiers .