Tuesday 8 February 2011

Initial set up positions for attack on gun position (decided by dice throws), Only 1/2 a  Treborian unit was active at start of game . On the first few moves the Ferrero Roccaian Infantry move to the left and right of the enemy redoubt the cavalry moved to try and cut the road to the left of the position , but the arrival on move 2 of a Treborian  Dragoon unit on the road on the left upper corner prevented this and they dismounted and formed a skirmish line and opened fire on the Dragoons . The Triboria troops in the gun redoubt and the Telephone exchange opened fire on the advancing enemy infantry but being poor/2nd class they caused only a few casualties due to poor marksmanship . On the right the 2 bands of the Black Hand sweeped forward to take the gun and Arsenal by the flank . (photos from our war correspondent to follow !) .
The author in a more formal moment

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