Sunday 6 February 2011

Dawn attack on the gun

Main Ferraro Roccai force will approach from bottom of map , comprising of 2 infantry units and 1 cavalry unit . ( I will dice for entry positions 1-5, on a 6 ,unit will wait one turn and dice again .)(The 2 Black Hand bands will dice for positions 1-2,3-4,5-6, ) . The Treborian defenders are base in village , 1 unit of Territorial forces and the gunners for gun . 1 unit of Cavalry will arrive on road -top left on dice roll of 6 first move , 5-6 next move etc .A  unit of infantry will also arrive in same position on dice roll of 12 first move, 12-11 next move etc . The dicing for arrivals represents the confusion of a dawn attack . I will be using a variant of the 'Funny Littlt War ' rules . The objectives for the main Ferraro Roccai force is to disable the gun (units have mules loaded with explosives for this . The Black Hand Band missions are to destroy gun and set fire to the arsenal each unit has an attached Spy with a 'Infernal ' devise to achieve this .
View of Treborian position

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