Sunday 13 February 2011

Attack on the Gun Part 2

Treborian Dragoons to the rescue

The attack on the Artillery position developed slowly , (due to the Ferraro Roccain infantry units rolling very poorly on their movement dice) . The Treborian response was also slow , the Artillery crew finally manning the gun only to find that the enemy had flanked their position and they had no targets !. The Treborian Dragoons drove off one of the Black Hand Bands , but received heavy casualties from the other surrounding enemy and had to retire. Another Unit of Treborian infantry arrived on the road and drove off the Ferraro Roccain Cavalry . The defending Treborian infantry around the gun position and village where driven off with heavy casualties - However at this point things started to go wrong for the attackers ! , the second surviving Black Hand band succeeded in planting and setting fire to the Arsenal  and then retired to a safe distance . The Ferraro Roccaian C in C  suddenly realised that it could blow up at any time and his surrounding infantry (with pack mules loaded with high explosives)  were in the danger zone ! . He ordered a general retreat away from the danger , the Treborian gun crew did for a moment wonder about trying to put out the burning building , but decided caution being the better part of valour and fled . The explosion when it went off demolished half the village , but the artillery piece was only lightly singed !. The Ferraro Roccain forces retired with half their mission accomplished and at least the gun although not destroy  had no ammunition ., however question would be asked about the bad coordination of the attack . The Treborian high command will be asking about the poor defence of such a important position and planning revenge !.

The Black Hand plant a 'Infernal Device'
Treborian Infantry reinforcements

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