Friday 4 February 2011

Trouble on the Treborian border

General Rostov inspects the newly purchased 4.7" artillery piece .  Bought at a knocked down price from the British Admiralty . However they are not alone ..........
Major Grunte
Alerted by a spy the High Command of neghbouring Ferro Roccai have sent a scouting party to observe the new weapon ....... and they don't like what they see.......
Somthing will have to be done about this act of aggression !

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  1. Brilliant! I especially like the civilians with Black Hand flags. I'd love to know the background to the campaign and the countries. Please check out my blog "Quantrill's Toy Sodiers' It is actualy two sites - a mistake when setting up - but one has more posts than the other, including a fictional setting in South America for a 54mm game. Are your figures 40mm?