Monday 30 April 2012

A Portrait of The Author as a Young Man.

Recently I have noticed several bloggers posting old photos of past games and when tidying up my wargaming room (an ongoing and not very successful enterprise) I came across this old photo of a game I took part in about 24 years ago . It was a game our group of wargaming friends put on at - I think- Spring Militaire, of the battle of Philips St Norton during the Monmouth rebellion . The LMMS sign was the now defunct Lakes Military Modelling Society where we all originally met - we were the wargaming arm of the society . The figures were Dixon , the scenery homemade (the cloth a home dyed sheet) (which faded almost at once !) and the rules our own adaption from some AWI  rules called 1776 (?!) . I think we won 2nd prize - there was only 3 games that year , third place went to some teenagers doing a Warhammer Fantasy game , who won I  cannot remember. The players are from left to right - 'R' ,'C' , 'S', and myself - looking VERY dapper in waistcoat and muttonchop whiskers (sadly tinged with grey now - well my beard is ). Its alarming how young we all look , only I have kept my boyish figure ! ........ (sic)

Monday 23 April 2012

Salute 2012

Been veiwing fellow Bloggers reports on Salute and am a bit ashamed to contribute my own rather modest effort ....

Travelled  down with 'A' to help 'S' and his son 'O' man the S&A Scenics stand , set off about tea time on the Friday night and travelled down to a hotel on the M25 near Harlow . A bit of a journey because of the Friday night rush hour but we met up with 'S' and 'O' at the pub next to the hotel just in time to see them polishing off a bottle of wine - barely had time to order our drinks before they were ringing last orders. After a somewhat poor sleep (very noisy main road outside our room ) we were up a 5.30am and on the road by 6.15am to Excel Centre.

We had the usual trouble of finding the entrance to Excel (we get it wrong every year), but unloading was fairly painless as you can drive the van right up to the stand to unload . 'S's display stand seems to alter every show so I stood somewhat bemused as the best way to set it up was thought out - after several trial runs to maximise the selling area we finally got it erected (above we see S&A staff busy at work)(last time I took photos of our group 'A's wife remarked on the expanding waist lines - think it was a trick of the light and my camera at fault!)

When the stand was up I shot off to make my purchases before the show started (well we abandoned 'S' who was trying to decide were the best place was to display large flocked hills). Having got the things I wanted just got back to the stand when the doors opened and all hell broke loose and in poured the public . Apart from the odd break to go to the loo we where kept busy into the afternoon , so it was not till then did I get another look round - and I remembered I had brought my camera to record the occasion . (nice 15mm Napoleonic General De Brigade game above and below)

This year I had brought some ready made sandwiches from my local Asda for lunch as I was alarmed at the price of catering in London , but ended up getting a hot pie and peas anyway !.

I was impressed by the quantity and quality of the games on show (above and below a Napoleonic game using Victrix 54mm figures) and was sorry not to do them justice by spending more time looking and taking photos.

We were busy all day with people purchasing thing right up to closing time . There was the inevitable wait for the room to be cleared of the public before they would let the vans in to start loading up , so it was after 6pm when we hit the road for the return journey . It is then that you realise that London is a long way away from the North and home ! . It was a long but uneventful journey back with one stop for a disappointing burger (are they not always- but I succumb every time !) and 'A' dropped me off home at 11pmish - a long and by then tiring day , but a successful show and experience .

Sunday 15 April 2012

The 'Grosse Redoubt' Destroyed !.

The 'Black' Army receive an alarming report !.

The site of the former 'Grosse Redoubt' . The other day I was up the garden going to clean the hen house when to my alarm I saw that the 'Black' Army redoubt has been obliterated . On interrogating my wife she said "I saw Marmaduke rolling on that bit of garden you weeded" (sic !) . That and the rain has removed any traces of it !.

Under questioning Marmaduke cannot remember anything about it !.

Ah the joys of garden gaming !.

Wednesday 11 April 2012

'A Model Of A Modern Major General'

Got the hollow cast Britains General painted and rather splendid he looks too, a beautiful model with a lot more detail than the normal Britains figure of this type. The change of weather  (for the worse) has suspended operations in the garden at the moment , but I hope to get more casting done as my wargaming colleague 'A' dropped off a box of metal offcuts he has been saving for me.

Monday 9 April 2012

The Fate Of The El-Gin Marbles.

As you may remember the convoy transporting the precious El-Gin Marbles was ambushed by Fetaland freedom fighters :-

The Marbles have been lost when the terrorists set fire to the Steam Wagon along with H.G. Wells's collection of painted Miniature Figurines (Toy Soldiers).(click on photos to enlarge)

Polly being a woman does not understand the true loss to mankind (and Wargaming).

However H.G.Wells's American cousin Orson is more interested in Polly .

What knavery is this American film maker up to ?........Too be continued .

Sunday 1 April 2012

The 'Great Redoubt'

Taking advantage of the unseasonably fine weather 'Black' Army Engineers have constructed a small redoubt covering the right flank of their position. It is being inspected by the newly arrived Prinz Hertz Van Hyre. ( a newly painted Sarum Soldiers figure).

He views the somewhat limited fields of fire .

The Prinz can be a bit pompous at times ! . I have told my wife I have been weeding the garden this morning - I  tactfully left out the Field Engineering . Army 'Black' must now bring up a Field Gun to man the redoubt. (click on photos to enlarge) . STOP PRESS.......... A copy of the original sketch of the area of operations drawn by Capt. D'Anger has been located at the National Records Office in London and I hope to be able to reproduce it here - permission is needed from H.M. Government as it is still on the secret papers list.............STOP PRESS.