Sunday, 1 April 2012

The 'Great Redoubt'

Taking advantage of the unseasonably fine weather 'Black' Army Engineers have constructed a small redoubt covering the right flank of their position. It is being inspected by the newly arrived Prinz Hertz Van Hyre. ( a newly painted Sarum Soldiers figure).

He views the somewhat limited fields of fire .

The Prinz can be a bit pompous at times ! . I have told my wife I have been weeding the garden this morning - I  tactfully left out the Field Engineering . Army 'Black' must now bring up a Field Gun to man the redoubt. (click on photos to enlarge) . STOP PRESS.......... A copy of the original sketch of the area of operations drawn by Capt. D'Anger has been located at the National Records Office in London and I hope to be able to reproduce it here - permission is needed from H.M. Government as it is still on the secret papers list.............STOP PRESS.


  1. Surely being pompous is one of the Prinz's core activities? I'll be interested to see the gun they deploy.

  2. The Prince looks "Smashing to say the least" Nice to see your garden starting to bloom. We had snow yesterday as a nice, but cruel, 'April Fools joke.' The geese are flying around in circles .... Jeff