Monday, 30 April 2012

A Portrait of The Author as a Young Man.

Recently I have noticed several bloggers posting old photos of past games and when tidying up my wargaming room (an ongoing and not very successful enterprise) I came across this old photo of a game I took part in about 24 years ago . It was a game our group of wargaming friends put on at - I think- Spring Militaire, of the battle of Philips St Norton during the Monmouth rebellion . The LMMS sign was the now defunct Lakes Military Modelling Society where we all originally met - we were the wargaming arm of the society . The figures were Dixon , the scenery homemade (the cloth a home dyed sheet) (which faded almost at once !) and the rules our own adaption from some AWI  rules called 1776 (?!) . I think we won 2nd prize - there was only 3 games that year , third place went to some teenagers doing a Warhammer Fantasy game , who won I  cannot remember. The players are from left to right - 'R' ,'C' , 'S', and myself - looking VERY dapper in waistcoat and muttonchop whiskers (sadly tinged with grey now - well my beard is ). Its alarming how young we all look , only I have kept my boyish figure ! ........ (sic)

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