Wednesday, 11 April 2012

'A Model Of A Modern Major General'

Got the hollow cast Britains General painted and rather splendid he looks too, a beautiful model with a lot more detail than the normal Britains figure of this type. The change of weather  (for the worse) has suspended operations in the garden at the moment , but I hope to get more casting done as my wargaming colleague 'A' dropped off a box of metal offcuts he has been saving for me.


  1. It's surprising how good some of those old hollow casts can be when they get a good paint job.

  2. Just lovely - thanks for posting this.

  3. A grand figure and wonderfully painted.

  4. He looks great.

    Its surprising how much detail is actually on many of the old Britain's when the heavy coat of paint is stripped.


  5. Christ Almight - it's all Sir Garnet here.

  6. The Field Marshall has never looked better. I have a jpeg of the print that is believed to be Wm. Britains source for set 201. If you would like to have a copy I could email it to you. It shows the FM with the general to his left and the ADC right behind him.

    1. Would like to see that Email = Cheers Tony