Thursday 27 February 2014

Breaking News !

Just had a Email from Prince August to say they are issuing some new SYW  moulds , above the infantryman mould with choice of heads .

The NCO and Drummer mould.

The Officer and Standard Bearer. These look very good for the home-caster and are more sensible than some of their recent moulds.

Sunday 23 February 2014

B.A.R. Test Game (Part 2).

This is the position we find units in at the start of the next move , the Regt. D Roi has deployed as has the Allied gun its all down to who gets to fire first !

The tension is almost unbearable ! - you can almost feel the Hessian Grenadier Sergeant wincing on their nearest flank 

And the French get to fire first - they score high plus first fire at close-ish range and the Hessian's make some rubbish saving throws and it's disaster time for the Allies ! . To add insult to injury the French draw the next card as well and the Swiss fire more or less finishing off the Grenadiers . Well this more or less finished off the game, the Allied gun fired causing light casualties and the commander thought it wise to limber up and retire , the British Grenadiers got a volley off at the French Hussars perched in front of them (I'd forgotten all about them !) and they broke . This allowed the Allies to retire unharmed , a French victory !. Well what are my impressions of B.A.R. ? , I like the card drawing system which adds uncertainty to who moves and shoots, the moral system doesn't really kick in till units reach 50% casualties (similar to 'Charge') , ranges are greater - the saving throws keep casualties down . Not being based on company bases I did not use their manoeuvre system and I get the feeling they are aimed at set piece battles (although after only one playing this may not be true), they are slightly more complicated than 'Charge' - but not much so as to make them hard to use . Will I use them again - Hmm not sure ?! - I may use the card system for 'Charge' though!.

I 've got the Starlux Hussar figure repaired , his sword is a flattened pin bent and a hole drilled into the hand and glued in place. I drilled another hole in his Busby inserted another pin glued it in place and built up the plume with 'green stuff' , the scabbard is a piece of scrap spear cut to size and glued into position . The flag is a download (not very good one) which needs tarting up a bit , think he is ready after a final clean up for a undercoat and then re-painting . Watch this space ......

Wednesday 19 February 2014

A Challenge .

Occasionally I see odd figures on EBay that intrigue me and if they are going cheap I have been known to purchase them . I saw the above figure looking very sorry for himself and nobody was interested in buying him - like a forlorn puppy in a pet shop (bit over the top there Tony !) . He seems to be some sort of Hussar - and rather damaged , whatever he is holding in his left hand is missing as is his sword in his right . I managed to snap off his scabbard try to straighten it out - oh dear ! - repairing him is going to be a challenge !

I noticed he had STARLUX engraved on his base and further investigation on the net came up with this figure - !!?, Oh My ! this is getting worse , however I do like a challenge so I  will make further reports of my progress (hopefully) . For people awaiting part 2 of the B.A.R. game - fear not play is taking place and will be posted soon.

Monday 17 February 2014

B.A.R. Test Game (Part 1).

Having had these rules (Battle of the Ancient Regime) for awhile I have decided to give them a try out . I pointed up a couple of small armies and planned a meeting engagement . The French have a Squadron of Hussars and 2 Regiments of Foote. 

Hodge disapproves of 'new fangled' rule sets and starts a sit in protest. The Allies had a Squadron of Lt. cavalry 2 composite units of Grenadiers and a Lt gun .

Units are moved/shoot on the turn of a card - black for the French red for the Allies. When a joker is drawn it can be used to preempt opponents moves/firing etc and can be held in hand till needed.The French played their's to move a unit first.

The French deploy having past through the hamlet .

The Allies move into line.The drawing of cards leads to a certain tension who moves next and is great for solo gaming I've always found.

The French move their next regiment up to try and flank the Allies line , in the background the cavalry clash and the Allied Carbineers are routed.

The Allied Command draws a joker and uses it to fire the Hessian Grenadiers first.

Movement is generous and and shooting distances greater than the ranges in 'Charge', this means things start happening sooner in the game .

The Allied cavalry flee and are pursued by the French Hussars , unlike in 'Charge' there are moral tests after melees , rout and pursuit move distances are determined by dice throws.

The situation at present, the French cavalry have retire to reform , in the centre the Allied Grenadiers and the French Swiss Regt. are engaged in a fire fight and the French Regt. Du Roi is about to turn to the flank to form a line which will threaten the Grenadiers flank . The Allies are trying to bring up support with the British Grenadiers forming up in the distance and the Artillery is going to deploy to cover the left flank . So far the rules seem to be working okay - you only use the play sheet and consult the rules for the occasional clarification . There are 2 play sheets and which one you use is dependent on your table size , I am using play sheet 2 as my table is 5' x 8'. I'm continuing the game and will report further in the next posting.

Tuesday 11 February 2014

A Change Of Rules.

Whilst sorting out the dozens of rule sets I've acquired over the 40+ years of wargaming I came across this set , The sad thing is I don't remember ordering them (first signs of senility ?). I've heard good things about them - they are a slightly more detailed set of 'Charge' type rules , so I have decided to give them a try out . At my time of (wargaming) life I dislike learning new rules but these look simple enough being D6 based and are designed to play just using the 'Cheat sheet' .

I have set up a small meeting engagement with the Allies coming on to the table in the bottom right and the French top left.

Here we see the French High Command , Count D' Fru-Fru is being given tactical advice by Voltaire assisted by his servant 'Wee Jocky' - I wonder if he will take it ?.

In the Allied ranks is the young Duke of Cucumberland taking part in his first action . I will report on how the rules work in the next entry.

Sunday 9 February 2014

A Box Of Goodies .

This is the box of moulds I managed to win off EBay at a very reasonable price - nobody else seemed interested in it ?!.

The box of delights opened ! - 14 moulds , clamps , tac in pots , melting pans and even a few castings from the moulds - excellent !. Some of the moulds I have already got but when casting having several of them on the go is an advantage . I've sorted out some more old figures ready to melt down - so its off to the foundry !

Sunday 2 February 2014

New Recruits

I've got the first company of the 18th Foote (Royal Irish) cast up and painted .

For the basic infantryman I used a older Holger Erikson casting from Prince August . The first reason is that I've got two of the moulds so casting is quicker and easier - rarely a miss cast ! , the other is that having very little surface detail they are easier to paint - you simply paint the details on. The uniform is 'correctish' and will do for me, the drummer should really have a mitre cap but converting him would be tricky as he is one of the older slimmer models .

I also have converted and painted three new General Officers . I got these in a job lot off eBay and they were damaged and were destined for melting down , then I noticed that Ross on 'Battle Game of the Month' had converted a cavalry trooper into a General - so I decided to copy him .

I added wigs and sashes and converted damaged weapons into batons . No names yet but from left to right - vaguely French, Prussian (with a passing resemblance of 'Ald Fritz') and British (looks a bit like the Duke of Cumberland).