Tuesday, 11 February 2014

A Change Of Rules.

Whilst sorting out the dozens of rule sets I've acquired over the 40+ years of wargaming I came across this set , The sad thing is I don't remember ordering them (first signs of senility ?). I've heard good things about them - they are a slightly more detailed set of 'Charge' type rules , so I have decided to give them a try out . At my time of (wargaming) life I dislike learning new rules but these look simple enough being D6 based and are designed to play just using the 'Cheat sheet' .

I have set up a small meeting engagement with the Allies coming on to the table in the bottom right and the French top left.

Here we see the French High Command , Count D' Fru-Fru is being given tactical advice by Voltaire assisted by his servant 'Wee Jocky' - I wonder if he will take it ?.

In the Allied ranks is the young Duke of Cucumberland taking part in his first action . I will report on how the rules work in the next entry.


  1. I have the BAR rules too and am eager to read your battle report. I at least remember ordering them, but I assure you, I have done the very same thing more than once with books.

    The Duke of Cumberland, yes indeed - the Meisterzinn figure represents his portly profile quite nicely.

  2. I be interested in hearing what you think of these rules

    I have had a copy of the rules for a while but have yet to have a game with them.




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