Monday, 7 May 2012

The El-Gin Marbles - The Plot Thickens !.

H.G. Wells mourns the loss of the El-Gin Marbles ( and his collection of model soldiers ) ( see- ) . But Inspector Zapp has a startling confession to make .... (*)

His reputation saved H.G. can now relax ( in the background rural life continues)- BUT  can he ? his American cousin Orson Wells has designs on H.G.s travelling companion Polly.

He introduces Polly to some of the 'arty' set that is summering in Treboria , her head is turned by all this attention .

He persuades her to do a film shoot using the Treborian- Ferraro Roccain conflict as a background . We fear he may be up to no good ! Too be continued .........
(* this is how the El-Gin Marbles finally reach the British Museum - although they may be viewed only with special permission due to their somewhat 'racy' nature.)

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