Saturday, 12 May 2012

'Black' Army Uhlans

Here we see the first cavalry unit of Army 'Black' , they are the 1st Regt. of Uhlans and are produced from the Prince August 54mm 'Model Soldier' range of molds - think it's labelled as 'British Lancer' .

On patrol in one of the rougher areas of the Patio - inspecting the formers site of the 'Gross Redoubt' .

The Officer figure however is a modern 'Britains' figure purchased very reasonably from EBay and given a new paint job to match his men's uniform .

The 1st Uhlans are inspected by Prinz Hertz Van Hyre. These cavalry figures have taken ages to finish off due to the large amount of metal in each casting and the horses (which come in 2 halves- front and rear) can be a bit of a problem to cast perfectly , luckily my wargaming colleague 'A' dropped of a box of metal offcuts for me to melt down so I  got the last one done yesterday and took the chance of today's good weather to do a photo shoot .


  1. Looking very nice, a good scenery! Nice blog, too, I'll come back...

  2. These are very nice indeed, much superior to the AIP Uhlans that we non-casters have to use. Well done!

  3. These fellow look splendid. Excellent name for the Prince too.