Monday 14 May 2012

Not Another New Project !?

Over the last six month or so I have been slowly gathering up a few Prince August 40mm SYWish figure molds . The first one I got for 50p at a car boot sale (ah the slippery slope !) the others of EBay . I'm not sure what to do with them yet but with the present influx of casting metal I've cast up a few figures from them .

There has been quite a bit of Blogging activity on the subject of this type of figures - have been of great inspiration . Of course I've got SYW  in 30mm Spencer Smith so it isnt logical to do it in 40mm as well - BUT  when did logic ever come into my wargaming !? - and what rules ? Hmm will have to give this some thought !


  1. Far from me to encourage or discourage anyone but if you're tempted by Prince August perhaps you might like to check some our Not Quite the Seven Year's War games over the last few years:


  2. Oh dear just viewed you blog- Ross - I'm doomed !!!!!

  3. My 40mm armies (including PA castings) are for a separate theatre of operation from the main Wittenberg/Monrovia imagi-nations wars.

    I have no problem with running both 18C 30mm and 40mm armies - just more fun !

    -- Allan

  4. Hi

    Good man - welcome aboard. Let me know if you need the odd figure cast up such as mounted officers.


  5. It's a noble party to join, I got delightfully sucked into PA via ilkelyoldschool as well, and I've not had this much fun in years!