Thursday, 7 November 2013

The 3rd Battalion Legion Britannique .

Sorry for the delay in posting this article but we have been having problems with the internet - its alarming how you miss it and how much our lives now depend on it - the whole wargaming industry is dependent on it ! , was going to buy some figures - but now of course I don't have any catalogues and not even the firms phone number - I would have course used their website and PayPal , but Huzzah ! it returns and so I can post images of my completed Hanoverian Legion Britannique .
This unit started as a way of employing all those little used moulds I have amassed in various Ebay buys to create a unit that looks a bit disorganised , the historical unit was made up of deserters and ner-do-wells . The flags are I'm afraid fictitious - Project SYW ( ) says they were of British pattern but details not known .
They look a right ragged bunch now I have them on the table and I think will count as militia under 'Charge' rules.



  1. Agreed. Really nice.

    Best Regards,


  2. They looked like a fine unit of militia in the fine uniforms even if they do look a bit disheveled whilst on the march.

  3. Excellent painting there. Well done.