Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A Joyous Occassion (3)

The dastardly deed is done as the Presidential Steam Carriage explodes in flames !

King Paul crosses the bridge safely and prepares to mount his horse.

The Fetaland Household cavalry are shot down before they can charge and the Treborians advance to close the trap .

Not all the casualties are human - a goat killed by a stray artillery matchstick ( my shooting had returned to its normal abysmal state !)

The Fetaland Evazones prepare for a last gallant stand .

King Paul at the head of his Gendarmes prepares to cut his way out to safety.But what of the Presidential party of Fetaland ?, with the Steam Carriage destroyed how will they escape ? , have the Ferraro Roccaians abandoned their allies ? . To be continued.......