Tuesday 16 August 2011

'Black' Army Gunners

In my quest to bring Army 'Black' up to strength I though I  would add some firepower in the shape of Gunners.

The figures are the standing basic figure , the officer has a sword added and the peaked cap head . The Gunner have the same head but with the peak removed to form a 'field cap' . I did this with a sharp knife - carefully - then stabbed myself in the thumb end, danced around the room sucking my thumb- whilst demanding to know who had hidden the  b****y sticking plasters !!. Having made this blood sacrifice to the gods of wargaming I  tidied them up with a small file .

Have some more German Piklehaube heads on order to build another unit and have been practising casting up the Lancer/Ulhan so hopefully Army 'Black' will be able to take its mortal enemy on soon.

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