Saturday 13 August 2011

A new 'Black' Army unit

I have been aware that a lot of my efforts of late have been going into painting up units of 'Red' Army, so I made a decision to try and catch up with 'Black' Army .

This is Infantry Regt. 83. I decided to paint them in the Summer uniform with white trouser to distinguish them from the previous Infantry unit.

It has take a few weeks to get them done as I ran out of casting metal , however a lucky find on EBay has supplied me with a reasonably priced stock and I got them finished last night , the varnish is still wet on 3 of the figures !. I have also started on some Gunners for 'Black' Army and have got a Prince August Lancer mold set cheap on EBay so hopefully 'Black' Army will not be as badly outnumbered in the future. Was thinking of getting a game with these figure outside but the British summer seems to have turned very Autumnal this week so it might have to be indoors.


  1. The weather kinda sucks here for outdoor gaming :(

  2. Army black recruits looking excellent- weather is a tad autumnal too I fear!