Thursday, 1 March 2012

A 54mm Aside.

You know what its like when you are waiting for a bus - nothing- and then 3 come along at once !. Same with nurses - been looking out on EBay for a medic department for my Funny Little Wars armies - without success - too expensive and they seem very popular with other bidders .

Then I  managed to purchase these hollow cast figures,  cheapish and not much interest by other bidders - one of the strange quirks of EBay ! , I have repainted them in their original colours and they look I think- rather fetching !. I also got this mounted Edwardian General by Britains, again hollow cast but appears to never have had its paint job finished , don't think its been paint striped - very odd ?. When given a new coat of paint he will join the ranks of 'Red Army'

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