Sunday, 25 March 2012

A Bargin !.

Today being a beautiful day I and my better half walked to the Antiques and Collector Fair held in our local Leisure Centre , whilst my wife was scouting through Toby Jugs etc, I was scouring for toy soldiers ( last time I  got some hollow cast Britain rather cheaply) . I saw a boxed set of 54mm Britains Life Guards and was alarmed at the price of £175 !!!!! , reeling from this shock I came across several toy match stick firing guns in various states of repair and tentatively asked how much ?, £3 each he said - trying not to look to eager I  sorted through them and found the above gun .

The other models were damaged or types I  already had, but this one although somewhat scratched was in perfect working order  and at £3 a bargain .

My initial thought was that it would do for my 40mm figures ,but when I  got it home it is more at home with the 54mm .

Here we see it being manned by my Prince August Gunners under the eyes of the 'Red' Army CinC. Altogether a very successful day as I am sure I've seen models like this going for far more on EBay .


  1. If you see any more at that price please pick them up for me!! The gun I mean =)

  2. A very nice early Britains gun, a good find at any time but even more so at that price!